Elusive Target #18 The Chameleon 01.13.2017 (13.01.2017)


Thanks but I’m at pc,


I could do it if u want.


This is not race. This is Sparta. I mean this is HITMAN.


That would be nice if you could restart after that 2 minutes. Otherwise it would just feel stupid to always restart that mission little bit before the time ended (meaning it would fail the mission and you couldn’t play it anymore).


How about an ET that leaves the map after a certain amount of time. So you have 15-30 minutes to find and kill him before he or she enters his car and leaves? I think that would be a pretty cool idea.


Also one thing I though about this ET before knowing the details. Because of that name The Chameleon, I thought he would change his outfit all the time which would make it harder to find him. :smiley:


That would be awesome.


Nahh that´s not limiting enough, and we need heavy limitations. So 2 min max would be good


no… a time limit would be a bad idea… so many players would fail it. let us take our time to explore, this is what hitman is about.


Exactly, that’s what elusive target is about, follow the target around, find out the best way to kill the target, without cheep tricks like breach charge and FE.

And for the first time IO-I is giving us very little option and all h*** breaks loose, this is going to be a true nerve wracking ET, just because of the limitation and that’s what IO-I wants :smiley:.



It’s disappointing how many people think more restrictions = harder. As others have said, all it means is that you’ll have to wait for one of the IOI-approved™ kill methods to pop up along his route so you can pull it off in the same, boring way everyone else will. If anything, this makes it easier since IO will have to set out one or two kill methods for players to use or it just won’t work.

and a “good narrative reason” means fuck all. I could invent a “good narrative reason” for 47 to use a jetpack, but that doesn’t make it a good idea.


I must say that I have mixed feeling on the non-explosive accident requirement for this contract.

What I have absolutely loved about watching elusive target videos is the incredible display of creativity. This has happened because up to now there have never been any restrictions on disguise or kill method.

Community (and featured) contracts allow restrictions to be put in place and often that adds to the enjoyment of the puzzle element of the game. Similarly, escalations allow even more restrictions, which often force some really creative ideas to complete the contract efficiently.

However, the freedom of elusive target contracts means that there has, so far at least, always been an easy option. Once discovered it can be, and is, replicated ad nauseam, so that anyone with even the most basic hand-eye coordination can get SA. I’m not 100% convinced that someone still won’t publish an “Easy SA” video, but it might make it slightly more challenging.

At the end of the day it is up to IOI what they do and I’ve always admired their willingness to try new ideas even if our first reactions have been negative. Let’s be honest, very few of us like change. However, if it is going to be a thing then I would agree with @Fortheseven and @JDMHatch_G and they would need to introduce other restrictions for future contracts like,

  • A time limit before the target escapes
  • Start with no loadout; only use what you find on the map
  • Suit only
  • Must use a special melee weapon: katana, sabre, battle axe.
    et cetera

And, of course, the map makes a difference. Imagine having this restriction with the last elusive target? Unless you’re someone like @cjgarof then the only non-explosive accident would be the balcony push. That is, it will require IOI to create far more interesting routes for future ETs.


I understand your disappointment with the restrictions, but what kind of comparison is likening some (in my eyes very reasonable) kill conditions to something as farfetched as a jetpack?


This is an ET homework: you have to do it even if you don’t want. Like when the teacher leaves an assigment so hard that you don’t even touched in class. Anyway, just do it. It isn’t like every ET is going ot be like this. Can’t be worst than The Sensation wich wasn’t even intended to get a SA.


Yes a time limit would be very limiting for your exploring desires wouldn´t it? Just how this absolutely ridiculous killing limits limits my desires to try really crazy stuff. See my point? So if i and other get extremely limited this time around, it’s only fair that another group gets the same treatment another time. So 2 minutes would be great.

Still a better idea than this silly condition


That would give me an easy solution, if you don’t like the rules don’t play the game, it would be a bummer, but i would not play that elusive target, easy as that.


Like you wouldn’t be upset if there was indeed a 2 min limit.


Both are utterly ridiculous


How can you say IO removing a majority of our options and forcing us to kill an elusive target in one of five ways is “reasonable”?


Upset? No :joy: It’s a video game, not a real contract. There’s always a new ET, so that wouldn’t really bother me!

You make it sound like this one contract have ruined your life, all because you can’t use any method to kill him with.
Worst part is, you haven’t even gotten a chance to try it yet? But you already complain.