Elusive Target #18 The Chameleon 01.13.2017 (13.01.2017)


At least I hope for a nice justification for this restriction. I don’t hate it but neither love it. I would understand more something like don’t kill him with fire or explosions because, like some said before, that would destroy the documents he is carrying, but outside that you can strangle him, shoot him, poison him and alike. That would be far better.


I don’t need to meet Trump to know he’s an asshole.


Well that’s different. Not everyone has 5+ accounts where they can replay them, so having a 2 minute time limit would be insane
(for an Elusive anyway…as its ‘new’)

Now keep in mind, I have no issues with the 2 min time limit thing if it were in the story or Escolations, like some have. That’s fine, as they are replayable.

Now with Elusives?.. Not really a good idea, unless of course like I said, If you have numerous accounts in which you could replay it.

If anything, I wouldn’t mind a ‘time limit’ with one or two Elusives in the future, but if they did decide to do that then I think it should be (10 minutes Max.) As I think that would be a perfect time limit to attempt a contract that really is only meant to be played just ONCE.


No, but you seen him on TV, and he’s all over the internet. That gives you a chance to establish an idea of how and who he is. Here all you got is a picture so far? No gameplay to really establish an idea of this ET.


I know the game enough to know what this condition will do, and it is boring.
Yes im very annoyed by this, just as others were annoyed by other stuff.


Ofcourse a 2 minute time limit isn’t a good idea, neither is this condition, that’s the point. If this condition limits alot of players in their playstyle and have to settle for something scripted, it’s only fair if another group has to change their playstyle aswell by having a time limit.


It might be boring for you, but that’s you’re opinion. It’s 1 ET… 1. Not a main mission and not every ET from here on and out. I’m pretty sure you’ll survive. How many ETs did they plan? 50? If so, you’ll have pleeeeenty of time to be creative with the rest!


Exactly, so then a 2 minute time limit is great aswell, since you will have pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeenty of time to discover things with the rest!


I never were against the 2 minutes thing? So yes, I’ll have plenty of tries to be creative myself. Would I be upset? No, like I stated earlier, it’s a game, not real life! I think I’ll manage


Thats a good example for a ET i would skip :smiley:, missions with time limits is not my thing, it’s stressing me out and i find myself running around like a headless chicken.


I don’t know, I honestly get all of your points, I really do!

I know it’s just one target, but I’m just sooo P.O. That I CANT use my Fiberwire, as I have 17 successful ones already :weary:

That’s all… Tbh, if I haven’t set this little “restriction” upon myself, this elusive wouldn’t bother me in the slightest. (Yes I know nobody MADE me do all of them Fiberwire, just something I chose to. But it just sucks that now I CANT do it, after 17, ya know?)

Lol yeah well, all good things come to an end, I suppose… :hugs:


It’s not over. This one doesn’t count for the purposes of the streak. I refuse to believe it’s over.


Haha yeah I guess, it’s beyond my control so… Lol
I suppose you’re right.

Still… It’s gonna feel really taboo killing an elusive in a way, other than the Fiberwire for once. :joy: This should be interesting lol


I never run in Hitman games if i cant help it, walk all the way, so i wouldn’t enjoy the time limit idea, unless they give a good story reason behind it, and the time limit is generous and makes sense.
That said i don’t have a problem with a contract that restricts certain times of kills, if anything it makes things more interesting, no longer will i have “urges” of throwing a duck/FE or sniping so i can get my suit and win.

Of course not all ET will have that, so i don’t think its worth making a big deal out of this, voice your opinions on this sure but dont think too much of it, IO are not dumb :wink:

  1. Forum complains about FE kills
  2. IO introduces a restriction in the next ET as a response
  3. Forum implodes

Creativity thrives in a restricted environment. Just because it’s more challenging to be creative, doesn’t mean that you cannot still be creative. Isn’t that more or less the point of the Target Tag contract series? Incredibly limited targets, yet they spawn some of the most interesting and unique kills seen in Hitman.

The levels of butthurt over one design decision in a solitary elusive target are way too high.


And what allows for those interesting and unique kills is to, you know, actually have those killing methods. That’s the reason Target Tag is always any disguise and any weapon


“Creativity thrives in a mission where you must kill your target in one of five select ways with extremely linear kill opportunities”


So, I found the source of the misinformation. No prizes for guessing who it could be :rolling_eyes:

I refuse to watch the whole video because I don’t want his videos showing up in my recommended feed. But I watched the first 2 mins and he says poison is an accident kill twice.


He said poison acts like an accident with the bodies found, which is correct. Acts does not equal is.


I always though that this was going to be the case, up until the forger came out and proved me wrong.