Elusive Target #18 The Chameleon 01.13.2017 (13.01.2017)


Yeah because I’m the only person in the world who thinks Trump is an asshole


No there are others but on this forum you came to mind first. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:It’s all in good fun.


Haha yeah, thanks man and no worries, people have disagreements from time to time, no biggie.

But yeah, IO making an exception just for me :laughing: If only…

I know this is beyond my control, but I still can’t help but feel a tad bit cheated out of my little ‘ritual’ But I chose to take out my targets this way from the beginning, so that’s on me…
I just wish I would have known future targets would of eventually had ‘restrictions’ had I known that, I wouldn’t have limited myself to only the Fiberwire.

Haha the ‘Piano Man’ is not pleased…
But, a contract is indeed a contract, so I shall still deliver. They can take away my Fiberwire, but they cannot take away my SA!!


Well you can safely say you killed every target that could be killed with the FW with the FW.


Not at all, if anything I would think you of all people would have some well thought out reasons for your opinions. I almost never make stuff personal after a disagreement between myself and another user.

I just think there’s still a good handful of ways to take down this ET. No explosions only eliminates a few options, which does suck a little but I like that people can’t just grab a fire extinguisher and chuck it at the guy and run away.


It’s also no guns (pistol, sniper, smg, shotgun), no fiber wire, no lethal melee of any kind, ño poison.

To be honest if it was just no FE i would not be complaining.


Wait no guns? I see no falls, no drowning, and no explosions…is there a link to the other kill conditions? This is now sounding unconventionally boring to me


You have to kill him with an accident, but it can’t be an explosive accident.

All others kills aren’t allowed either


No, falls and drowning are allowed. You misunderstood that picture. Every accident except explosions are allowed/required. And remember that poison isn’t an accident!


I just had a thought, maybe they don’t want us killing him with Vans/SUV’s because they are everywhere :confused:

Maybe it would have been too easy.


Then just don’t allow explosive accidents, why remove all the other options?

Also, they can’t really talk about too easy after ET’s like the chef and more


Good point. Not allowing sniper kills is really going to screw a decent number of people over.


Also i think killing him with a car explosion is still riskier than the chef


True. I guess we just need to wait for the briefing video then to find out what the dealio is :yum:


Im against using fe to kill targets, but thats just me, i dont mind leaderboards. I dont like kill restrictions that limit to only accidents… As i quite enjoyed slitting throat of food critic.

Ah, whatever. 2 more to get Winter suit, then im going for nasty, brutal non-SA kills on every ET that comes. They will feel my wrath.

And dont mind the streak getting broken - after all you impressed the client :slight_smile: enough to make a Special condition just for you, Agent 47.



Too bad you can’t garrote his corpse after you push him over a rail – give him a ceremonial fiberwire kill, as it were.


Haha yeah…
I don’t know, I think I’m just gonna ignite this f***er in flames!! Make it as if he never existed :smiling_imp:

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust…
I want him to suffer for ruining my ritual lmao

And if the documents are on him, I’ll see if I’m able to subdue him first, then drag him in the oil!!!


It doesn’t. NPC’s treat it as if it’s an accident, IE they run around saying ‘oh my God, there’s been an accident’. etc

But it doesn’t say accident kill at the top of the screen in white. Poison kills are not accident kills.

It’s crucial you read the white text at the top to know the parameters of your kill. You can have mixed combinations of:
Accident kill / explosive kill / poison kill / undetected kill.

With this contract, it’s imperative that you don’t see the phrase ‘explosive kill’ and that you do see the phrase ‘accident kill’.


List of ways you can kill the target (presumed):

  • drop the haybale on him
  • drop the mechanic’s car on him
  • drop the chandelier on him
  • push him over a balcony from a height, to his death
  • push him over a fence into the slurry pit
  • push him down the well
  • emetic poison him with the syringe (or drop in his food/drink if he eats) and drown him if/when he goes to a toilet.
  • lure him to an oil spill and burn him alive
  • electrocute him as he walks through a puddle

List of ways you CANNOT kill the target (presumed):

  • explosion with fire extinguisher
  • explosion with propane canister
  • explosion via a car, or any kind of bomb
  • lethal poison, either consumed or injected
  • any kind of firearm or melee kill
  • KO and dump in hay baler machine (melee kill)

Methods which I’m not sure which way they fall:

  • KO the target and dump his limp body over a ledge (in contracts mode I’ve seen this qualify as “fall/accident,” however NPCs react as if it’s a murder when they find the body, not an accident.)

I’m guessing the quick, easy, safe way to do this will be to stash a sniper rifle in the water tower, start in a soldier disguise, and snipe the haybale so it crushes him from a nice safe distance. You’ll still have to retrieve the documents though.

Let me know if I’ve missed any methods ^^^


i’m going to shoot him anyway. if it doesn’t fill the contract i dont care. either way hes dying…along with whoever else i feel like killing.