Elusive Target #18 The Chameleon 01.13.2017 (13.01.2017)


are falling object accidents ok, @Travis_IOI?


Diana : “Good morning 47. Your target is bla bla bla bla. Remember this, your cheap FE tricks won’t work this time.”


This target looks awesome. However I am not a fan of the fact it has to be an ACCIDENT. I know @AGENT4T7 will be more annoyed that me, but freedom of choice is important. I better be able to crush him beneath a car.

Edit: I can’t even car bomb him. I love car bombs.


I think its a good move. Its getting a bit boring seeing every player complete missions with FE and breaching charges, this encourages people to actually think a bit and come up with creative solutions.


That’s down to the players themselves. With every ET so far i’ve seen very creative kills. Taking away alot of options just to ensure we use a certain fixed killing method is boring. Now it’s just waiting untill he walks under the hay bale, or over a puddle, or next to a barrel, how is that creative exactly? Far and far too limiting. Almost every video will be very similar with this one.

I think this is a terrible move, and i hope they will never do something like this again.


Well it is only one elusive target, I thought part of the point of ETs was to try interesting and different missions, without having to commit to a whole proper permanent mission. I like that they are trying to do unique things with this format, like making it no explosive.


It’s not just no explosive, its no any kind of explosions, no fiber wire, no guns, no melee weapons, no poison


Yes. I did this in a contract yesterday. It 100% counts as an accident now.


[quote=“JDMHatch_G, post:127, topic:13883”]
I just checked their site and it specifies a non explosive accident. So any accident is fine, as long as it doesn’t make a boom. The icons on the image just add confusion imo.[/quote]

I’m guessing they chose those two icons for the image because they know his path will only really offer those two choices. I expect this target to spend his time hovering over ledges between bathroom breaks. It will be ‘hard’ for people who don’t understand the special conditions, but easy for the rest of us because his path will give us many obvious accident opportunities.


Really don’t mind the extra conditions; at least it’s something a bit different. Happy to play this one by the book, to guarantee that final SA for the Winter Suit.


Are you freaking serious man!!? We HAVE damn kill conditions?? Wow, so much for “Freedom of Approach”

Well this is certainly bad news for me and I’m really pissed… I have used the Fiberwire on all 17 Elusives so far and now because of this BULL my streak is gonna end… Jesus, WHY???

Seriously though, why would they put kill conditions on an elusive? “Freedom of approach” :triumph: Why IO!?


Yeah and if anything the fiber wire is probably one of the least used items in the game. Here’s hoping it there will be a default loadout with the fiber wire.

I get that they don’t want explosive kills, but they shouldn’t make it accident only.


The third Richard! Joining the Ex-Dictator and the Guru.

I predict we’ll see a whole ton of players complaining that their poison kill didn’t work and demanding to know why. Everyone thinks it’s an accident kill.


Yeah I find that really weird, “it’s not body found so it must be an Accident”.

That’s like saying that if you push someone it’s a Poison kill because you didn’t get body found.


No FE, no ducks, no propane tanks.

Hitmanforum be like…


All that said, this guy looks like he’s gonna be an intersting kill. Along with the extra objective.


Yeah really lol I’m getting punished now because IO feels too many people use cheap FE kills all the time. Which very well may be true, but ya seriously gotta put out restrictions now cause the select few don’t have patience??

God damn it! I know it’s just a game but I am freaking seething here :triumph::triumph:

I set a little challenge for myself and made a little “ritual” with these targets, by doing Fiberwire only (which I did with all past 17) and NOW…

Well, just like Sean Rose, OCD overload!! I’m about to just not even do this elusive, Fuck the stupid suit!


If I were in your position, i would probably break my phone after reading this.


I don’t mind mixing things up with a kill requirement but that seems unnecessary in this case as it’s the first Colorado ET and there’s a secondary objective. For something like Chef or Identity Thief it’d be more suitable, I played roulette on them anyway as they had nothing special going for them otherwise.

I’m mostly just worried that he’s going to have some very obvious accident moments that most people go for, that wouldn’t be interesting.

Elusive Target #21. "The Surgeons" 02.24.2017 (24.02.2017)


If IO wanted to create a condition because they feel most use cheap freaking tactics like FE and shit all the damn time…

Well then make it a Fiberwire ONLY condition, how about that!!?

Ugghhghhhghh!!! I’m so FUCKING PISSED!!!