Elusive Target #18 The Chameleon 01.13.2017 (13.01.2017)


Actually, a FWO Elusive would be pretty cool.


I’ll wait for more clarification from IO before making assumptions. So far there’s really nothing that says this is a Accident kill only ET. If that turns out to be true, then I’ll be concerned.


It says eliminate in a non-explosive accident.


@Travis_IOI @Torbjorn_IOI @Fredrik_IOI @Morten_IOI

Please, tell us it isn’t so…?


Is there a compromise? Anything you could do that counts as a fibre wire, just for this round?


I’m going to make a chain explosive reaction that ends up activating a electrocution kill just for shits and giggles.


Except the bit where it says it’s an accident only ET :wink:


We MIGHT be interpreting it wrong. It could be like user contracts with optional weapon/costume objectives, where you can complete it any way, but won’t get the “All objectives completed” field.


this is the first time i’ve seen you swear, you are usually so polite lol

but yea i feel bad for you man. you can just tell yourself that this elusive contract doesn’t count in breaking your streak


I don’t think so… What do you mean?

I don’t know, this is just…
This just totally ruined it for me… Thanks for ruining my streak all you damn casuals out there and your FE :neutral_face: Lol damn… Whatever with this bull.


Like, you have to kill him in a push accident? Or maybe a drown, because then at least you would have had the opportunity to fibre wire him? And then you can just pretend you’re garrotting him as you drown him? It’s not the same, I know. :cry:


No, it’s not the same, but thanks for trying lol



Sadly, compromises must be made.


Isolate him where you can accident kill him > Fiberwire him > Restart before he dies > do the same but with the accident hueheuheuehue.


I hadn’t really considered those who play on one account with their own strict conditions when I posted previously. While it doesn’t affect me directly (even though I mostly play on one account due to a lack of unlocks), it does seem very unfair to have a streak like yours brought to an end @AGENT4T7. Unlucky man!


Sucks that this will mean an asterisk in your epic run of ETs.

But the FE kills aren’t the reason for the special conditions, they are the reason for the no-explosive exclusion within the special condition. IO decided to make an accident-only ET, which is valid. The in-contract story rationale could be that the agency doesn’t want any blowback from the chameleon’s murder.

But then somebody at IO must have said ‘we’ll just have a bunch of speedrunners blow him up with FEs’, so they added an exclusion to the accident-only rule. So even if that exclusion hadn’t been made to counteract FE-runs, your streak would still have ended.


Even our community escalation “Baghdad Boogie” didn’t have these kind of restrictions.


Oh, I think it would. Bagdad Boogie is hell for everyone, including the Piano Man.


I’m all for kill conditions like in contacts mode and Escolations and stuff like that. But putting restrictions on an elusive…?
Sad to say it, but lost a lot of respect for io because of this…


Ah, fuck. Well…they’ll still be plenty more ET’s coming after this.