Elusive Target #22 "The Bookkeeper" 17/03/2017 - 24/03/2017 DO NOT SUBDUE THE TARGET'S GUARDS


Disconnected from server before completing any objectives, says I Failed. This is absolute bullshit. I can’t control them dropping me. :frowning:

And yeah I tried to Retry, it didn’t let me.


I just found out that in the briefing Richard Ekwensi is mentioned again. (Because in The Warlord he is also mentioned.)


since you picked up the ledger, and you completed one of the objective you can’t restart sorry mate your fault this time :frowning:


did anyone kill the target without using breach charges or a fire extinguisher


i used the paleduck to blow up the car, while he was passing by


I used the same technique as @Ludo_Sawyer. I think he could be lured to an oil drum fairly easily.


“re-plan” and “restart” button should’ve been dissappeared! its not my fault


Boy there sure seem to be a lot of bugs with this one. :angry:




Richard Ekwensi was the “The Dictator” ET. That’s the ET targets name.


Blind, no restarts, absolute trainwreck starting at 30min mark:

Wicker Man SA:


I’m about to start collecting some footage for this ET. Sorry if I missed it, but if he goes into lockdown will I be able to restart or will I have to save that for an alternative account?

Also, is there anything interesting that I might miss and would be good to include?


You can restart after a lockdown.

Nothing to miss after a lockdown, but I believe the target visits the safe, so that might be interesting to record if you take the ledgers.


the accents of the elusive targets are terrible


Does his body have a safe key? I forgot lockpick or breaching charges and killed him already


There’s a crowbar near the militia elite disguise.


This ET just rekindled my unbridled hatred for Colorado.


Well, this seemed promising, but then it became clear that even though he had a pretty complex path there were next to no interesting openings that I could see to do something fun or smart.

I ended up triggering the escape, and finding out that blowing up the car doesn’t even kill him.

Finally just chucked a nitroglycerin vial at him before the clock counted down and then fucked off.

This could’ve been good, but I didn’t really like it.


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One of the worst ET so far.

  1. 4 guards who surround him non-stop
  2. one enforcer no matter what your disguise is -> can’t even approach the target
  3. the ledger, another superficial objective, for difficulty’s sake -> one objective completed and busted
  4. the escape prospect, poorly exploited -> can’t blow up the target unlike Caruso’s plane and considered as an objective completed when you destroy the car (so busted)

At least, for the first ET, you could choose the weapon. Now : accidents only. :thumbsdown: