Elusive Target #22 "The Bookkeeper" 17/03/2017 - 24/03/2017 DO NOT SUBDUE THE TARGET'S GUARDS


I wanna know if @AGENT4T7 fiber wired him, and how :wink:


If they got rid of the enforcer guard and let us subdue them, this would have been a much better ET. I don’t see why IO needs to put so many random all-enforcers. Such as the chef in Hokkaido that sees through so many disguises. If you are going to have enforcers, keep them assigned to people such as the heads of security, or the chief chef, or the older NPCs (as they have been there longer than the others, hypothetically, so would know most of their colleagues off by heart now).


Well, as long as he doesn’t require getting SA, fiberwire should be easy enough.


Yay got him with a car fuel explosion. Not the worst ET but I had no real idea what else I could do. Only one ET left for the Blood Money Suit :smiley: Or two I am not sure.


I’ve very liked this one, because route of target is complex, dialogs are good and funny, and mission is quite hard… if you aren’t speedrunner who blows everything with gas tank…

I’ve found my own unique way and im very happy, because it’s still an accident, looks professional and i’ve done it with Silent Assassin status. Enjoy!


Wait he actually goes next to the barrel?!?!?!

That’s the kill I wanted, but when i tried to see if it was possible he just walked around it :confused:


I’m trying to figure it out too.


Here’s my massive fuckup, don’t forget to turn on subtitles ;):

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Say, the briefing mentions him being part of a Viking Brigade durign the war. Did they made that name up or was that something that actually existed?


i will do it as soon as i get around to it


He never goes near barrel. I’ve saw that when you try distract him with any item (pistol, coin or sound), he ask guard to check sound source, and change position - always go back few meters. So i’ve planted a sound device on box. When you trigger in proper time - he will ask guard, and run back - near barrel.

And then comes little bomb device :slight_smile:


Maybe this? Some members were from Finland


Chuckle if you want about the drone-destroying hawks, but it’s something the French military is actually training hawks to do.


That’s really really smart man, well done! I wonder if you could put him below the hay bale that way.


Thanks. :slight_smile: I had feeling that I had something to do with Nazis. If a baddie has a histroy that goes back to WW2 he always has ties to the Nazis.


Nazis were not only bad people in WW2. I think Communists were also really bad if you think how they blamed Finland for starting a war with them but Truth is that they were behind the Winter War


Let’s not lay any fuel for derails. These ET threads are hard enough to keep up with as it is.


Everyone agrees that Freedom Fighters sucks. But the map? I disagree.


I understand:)
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I just did it this one and failed, caused he somehow escaped while laying in his own blood riddled with bullet holes. That was pure BS. The escape counter contiued even after he was dead.