Elusive Target #22 "The Bookkeeper" 17/03/2017 - 24/03/2017 DO NOT SUBDUE THE TARGET'S GUARDS


Top Tip: You can open the safe by placing a bottle of Nitroglycerin on top and shooting the bottle.

This mission annoyed me. Followed target and saw him consult tablet/ledger. shot him, no ledger to pick up. Don’t show target with something that looks like the ledger if it isn’t the fucking ledger.


Or just use lockpick:)


I didn’t have the lockpick, my explosive duck had been confiscated and half the map was out for my blood. Options were limited. :stuck_out_tongue:


I SA’d this one at my first run.
Started as hacker with breach charger and took ledger first (sometimes I forgot once any objective has been done, there’ll be no restart in ET mode) then blew him up at the stairs.
Personally I found that’s quite a ‘convenient’ position in the house :tangerine:


I like how this video by @GuLe is like one of those cooking shows where he goes through all the procedures and stuff.

I also like it that he managed to allow the target to actually do more of his routine. Too many guys here posting 1 minute videos of just blowing the guy up before he even manages to smell the apricots. :stuck_out_tongue:

What’s the total routine intel on this guy? Does he do that whole circuit at every station and then goes into the house and stays there? Does he repeat it?

I plan to double down on prep and secure ways into and out of the house and only committing to killing him after I know 100% sure I can just walk back for the Ledger and leave.

Is a chandelier kill in the house possible?


I have heard people say that subduing his guards causes the Bookkeeper to freak out however if you got a route that had the house as the third or fourth place he visits and managed to get rid of his guards then I don’t see why not.


Why is that a factor? Isn’t it that if he enters the house through the main doors he would be first under the chandelier? Or is the radius of the Chandelier drop big enough to kill him and the enforcer right behind him?

I really don’t like knowing this much going in… but as we all know, before IOI clarify it, it looks like we’re down to the last ET’s for Winter Suit forever.

As it is, my first choice is to Explosive Accident Kill near one of the cars preferably with me flipping the switch while only a few meters from the safe. :stuck_out_tongue:


The chandelier will only kill targets if they are in front of the Grandfather clock I believe. I’m sure this guy turns to his right as soon as he enters the door and the chandelier would be completely useless.

Propane works a charm mate but plenty have use the FE.


So a safe and boring way to do this would be to start as the hacker…setup a trap with the FE near the stairs (top or bottom). Stand near the safe… open the safe… wait for him to go into the house… trigger the FE… get the ledger and leave.


Man, don’t take my advice necessarily. You can see my run here (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tNpfZ_JZ7uw) I do not have the hacker entry unlocked. I used the Propane tank (explosives expert entry) and then went up to the room to get the safe but I wasted time as I was a little nervous).


It’s OK… my ET planning now involves leaving the mission totally “unlocked” (no Targets killed, no Objectives taken) unless I know for certain I can walk out alive. :wink:

I restart 999 times if that’s what it takes. :stuck_out_tongue:


And a-one

And a-two


Nila Torvik (The Pharmacist)…



the golddigger from the ex-dictator had a scottish accent huehuehuehuehue


agreed. Not that this one wasn’t interesting it just that the clown well… is a clown @Bending_Cheese67


Having fun on my extra account :smiley:


Pffft… This one sucked ass!

I beat it, but unfortunately no Fiberwire… Again!
I really think since we’re towards the end of ET they just don’t freakin care anymore…

Love this Freedom of Approach the past few elusives…

Whatever, I still ended up with Silent Assassin.
22/22 All SA! Woo! :confused:


ET was pure shite. Dont restart and wnet blind so as a result i failed. KO’d his bodyguard, went to evacuate, blew up his car,didnt die, anf murked him with the krugermeier, then was blown away by perimeter guards. RIP due to telepathic ET’s

Apologies for mispellings if they exist. I may havr enjoyed Paddy’s Day a little too mucb and dont like auto-correct!


Yeah no problem… After this elusive, I think I may need a beer… Or two… Hell, maybe 22 lol


I think I’ll just use Breach Charge. :cry: