Elusive Target #22 "The Bookkeeper" 17/03/2017 - 24/03/2017 DO NOT SUBDUE THE TARGET'S GUARDS


lmao what madness, this has been my sloppiest ET in such a long time (edit: ever, definitely ever). No restarts, I followed him around and learned most of his routine. Got the ledger, cleared evidence, got a militia disguise, even set up a fire extinguisher in a convenient spot if options A and B didn’t work out. Well I followed him into the house, up to the second floor, and the guy patrolling the hallway catches me. I kill him in the bathroom, decide to just headshot dude and run because SA is blown. I aim my gun, change my mind for some reason, but he already saw me aim at him so I just headshot him anyways.

As I was typing most of this message, I had ran to the basement, knocked out a guard hid in the bin. I waited for that to clear, killed the couple people in my way out from the bottom basement exit, retrieved my suit and left. I just… feel like such a goddamn noob. Still got him.


That’s because those are speedruns with planned routes as oppossed to my video which is a blind run with improvised strats hueuehuehue.


This has probably been discovered already, but if you destroy his getaway car he hides in the main house basement on an alert.


Or upstairs in the hackers room. And they never leave afterwards.

I was actually using this strat to get him there with the syringe that’s there but they completely surround him.


I liked this one until I realised you couldn’t subdue the bodyguards. It would’ve been a lot better if he’s had two bodyguards, carbomb evac route had actually worked (his bodyguards stand out the way of an explosion) and you could subdue his bodyguards.



…to get SA. :stuck_out_tongue:

Totally misjudged how big the radius of that FE accident explosion was. :frowning:
Oh well I was never the kind to go after skins anyway.


Last time I played this was last Elusive lol. Jump on do ET and off again.

The tracker is messed up again. Why are these unlocking again :confused:


So I went in blind and started in my suit in the outskirts of the farm. I made my way to the water tower to get a vantage point and more importantly, grab my WA2K. I quickly spotted a big escort of bodyguards and sure enough the target was among them. I followed him closely with my scope and waited for an opening.

He stopped to check something on his tablet and I knew I had to act. I pressed the trigger and sent a bullet to his skull. Then it was only a matter of infiltrating the house. Rose’s office was the most logical place to store the ledger so I decided to start there. Sure enough the safe was where I expected. I picked the lock, took the ledger and made my way out of the farm in my spotless suit. “The money has been wired to your account” Diana said.

Maybe I should go and buy myself a blue ducky I thought.


man wtf? i eliminated the target and obtained the ledger, i was running to the exit and i got a mission failed message saying the target escaped :angry: whyyy???

Now, i have a failed elusive target, i mean seriously?

@Travis_IOI is this some sort of bug please fix this ASAP :slight_smile:


Has anyone completed the mission without an explosion kill???


Yup. Sniped that snob from the water tower.

Edit: Moments after blowing up his only means of escape too. Intimidation tactics are the best tactics.


@Kotti did wicker man SA, so far 3 kills, even the Chameleon had more kill options…
Edit: 4 kills, BSD gaming did a poison kill:


Wait so you got two Winter suits? Wanna throw one set to me? :stuck_out_tongue:
Come on, be a pal. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes Sniper

Would if I could man haha. I don’t care for the ETs if there’s nothing to unlock.


But is that sniper SA? I don’t think anyone has gotten that.


Nah I don’t need SA as there’s nothing for it.


Yeah, a few seconds after I killed him, Diana told me he was making his escape and the timer popped up. I was forced to run for the exit in front of guys suspicious of me and got gunned down. I also saw some other people who lost this mission because the escape timer popped up after the target died. I’m gonna go post this in the bug thread so they know about it for future ETs.


What if one fine day, IO-I announces that there is a certain reward (unlock) if you have 20 SAs out of 25 ETs? :wink:


One of the bodyguards with him is an enforcer, no matter which disguise you use. As an explosive don’t use Napoleon blownaparte cause when you set him down he will start to make a noise and attract guards, ruining your explosion kill. Did someone made a video following him around and listening all of his speeches?


Ya that’s fine. But what was meant from that “did anyone get anything other than an explosion kill?” was about SA.
All the explosion kills were either a FE/PT or Car accident explosion.

But if you’re talking non SA, I was able to drop the chandelier on him (I got the video), but that was on a “do whatever account” cuz I don’t like having a run without SA. :wink: