Elusive Target #22 "The Bookkeeper" 17/03/2017 - 24/03/2017 DO NOT SUBDUE THE TARGET'S GUARDS


Still working on it.

@Silverballer: Did you actually see him go to the safe or did you hear from someone that it can be done? I’ve followed him for a long time, having stolen/not stolen the ledger and he doesn’t seem to go anywhere near Rose’s room.


He doesn’t go there. Only in the hackers room and in the back room where the guard and hacker are playing video games but that’s from being in lockdown after escape vehicle is blown up.

Edit: @Euler13, Unless you do this…lolololol


Very hard to kill this ET with anything but an explosion.

I tried lots of things, including the oil barrel kill that @Affliction did, but I just could not get the target to go near the barrel. So I surrendered and did the old unsatisfying FE kill.

I enjoyed the last couple of ET’s more than this one.


I saw him go in the house, didn’t directly see him go to the safe.



Quick clip



I’ll find the nearest cliff :wink:

Adding in challenges for something that the player is out of control isn’t good game design, hence why they started the SA related ones from a certain point.


Tried the same thing for a couple hours lol

Got bored and planted the FE by the SUV near the barn. I was too tired to find a creative way that didn’t take forever.


There is always the personal satisfaction, which for me is more important than an unlock anyway :stuck_out_tongue:


Worked out a good plan, and just like the Warlord after 30 minutes of working on it I got fucked because of the game’s broken mechanics

GG @IoInteractive


Does anyone know where is key for the safe?


What happened? And what did you try?


On Rose. He is carrying it.
Or you can throw the nitroglycerin bottle at the safe that’s in rose’s room.


Completely agree with all your points. After following him for a while I realised dropping a FE in his path was the only ‘‘clean’’ way. No way to get the guards away from him. No isolated places to lure them into. Explosions the only way apparently. So I decided to just snipe him since I haven’t used a sniper rifle in some time .I also thought he would have the ledger (tablet?) on his body/pocket. So that was another obstacle that didn’t feel fulfilling but just tedious.

Already have all the suits unlocked. Maybe that makes the ET’s less enjoyable for me. Anyone share that feeling?


if only it was a trophy :wink:


My run. Unlocked the first duck today, and decided to use it. :slight_smile:


I subdued his guards one by one in the bathroom, then he got stuck and just kept repeating his conversation with the hacker… so I tried to subdue the remaining NPCs one by one in the bathroom to isolate him and got spotted subduing the hacker through the wall

Another time a guard’s body was seen in the bathroom through the wall


How did you subdue 1 by 1? As soon as you touch 1, target goes into immediate evac and the remaining guards turn orange in instinct (not wallhack).


The target went into lockdown (I had destroyed his car already), but I wasn’t insta-compromised by his guards


So you could do a fibre wire only run. If there had been less guards and he hadn’t have gone into insta-lockdown then it would’ve been a much, much better ET.