Elusive Target #22 "The Bookkeeper" 17/03/2017 - 24/03/2017 DO NOT SUBDUE THE TARGET'S GUARDS


Got spotted after killing him, fuck my life. Just give me my winter suit already.


#Developers h̲a̲t̲e̲ him!

Find out how he SA/SO’s any ET with this one simple trick!

Anyway, here’s how I did this ET.

Started in the garage and ran to the target just as he started walking past the car I used the pale ducky to blow the car up to kill the target in an accident.

Then I used the disguise from the moving truck and headed for the house.
Scaled up to the second floor from the back of the building & breaching charged the door, avoiding the guard in the room & breaching charged the safe.

Headed out the way I came in and got spotted by a camera as I was heading for the bridge exit.
Went back inside to delete the evidence & somehow ended up escaping on the boat.


Man… that has to be the world’s first M.A. rating: MACGYVER ASSASSIN!

:heart_eyes: :sunglasses:


Since i have the Winter Suit, did it Sniper Assassin-ish

Started at the Undercover on the Demolition Range, stored S300A at the Water Tower, took breaching charges and coins.

Went to the sniping location and…

Then just disguised myself as the Elite and took the Ledger, then leaved the compound

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… Well first off, congrats! I am honestly jealous about that lol however, keep in mind, I only have one and only ps4 account and I don’t restart. Eliminating this target with the FW (from a video I later saw) was crazy with the amount of preparation that had to be done in order to do it.

And with me having only one account I couldn’t experiment like some have. Because I guarantee you, no one accomplished this with the Fiberwire on their very first go (going in blind)

If I had multiple accounts I definitely would have tried it and I would have succeeded! Lol :smile:

But still, that’s awesome, I figured it had to of been possible. I just couldn’t figure it out in one go.

At least I still got a perfect SA record 22/22 on my one and only account :relieved:


So what’s stopping you from making another 1 or 2 accounts? It takes like 5-10 minutes. You only get to play the target once so why wouldn’t you want to at least try a different couple of ways?


I’m not complaining, I’m just saying…

Besides, I prefer the “Elusive Experience” :wink:


I agree, i had two accounts, but it didn’t feel right, so i deleted my second PS4 account, ET’s it’s better if you know you just have one chance, even when i failed the fixer, if i had done it in a second account and succeede i would still call it for failed, like the broker which i failed, but i got a second chance and succeeded, but i still count it as failed in my book.


Yeah, I mean it does suck a little since they are once and done, forever. But it’s my choice to play them that way and have only one account. I like it like that and wouldn’t have it any other way.


This one was extremelly difficult to isolate, and impossible to do so in SA. He also had permanent enforcer guards. Annoying and unenjoyable.

This was the first time I had to FE a target.

Run 1: SA with FE.
Run 2: FE. Spotted deleting the evidence.
Run 3: shot to death because when you shoot near a guard that can’t see you, he and a dozen others immediatly know where you are and enter combat.


Doesn’t this amount to buying the game 2 or 3 times?
I think this doesn’t work if one is on Steam with cloud saves and persistent accounts.


You need to call @Bending_Cheese67 (aka: MacGyver Assassin) :wink:


You only need to make new Xbox or PS accounts.


Family Sharing is a thing :wink:


Why instead of all the bullshit cheating
And tricks (disconnect cable / additional accounts etc.) don’t lie to yourself like no restart this is ET all about… liar/s all I’m asking is play the content as much as I want!!! (mark it and keep it fail if fail but let the player chose to play the game as much as he want… 7 days of boring IOI this is a failure content)


I don’t think so, @Fortheseven have 2-3 or 4 pc accounts, you have bought just one copy of Hitman @Fortheseven?

You can play Hitman on more than one account on PS4.


And here I am, playing the ETs on one account like a sucker.


Elusive Target #22 - The Bookkeeper - Suit Only Fibre Wire (5:50)

@hitmies47: I hope you don’t mind, but I took advantage of your wonderful audio distraction placement discovery. I gave you full credit in the description and a link to your video.

This was the most nerve racking ET I’ve ever done. You will not believe how tiny that window of opportunity is. I did so many practice runs only knocking out the target and dragging the body and I got caught quite a few times. However, in doing that I discovered some hidden dialogue. If you manage to get rid of the target’s body without the guards seeing it then they go on a desperate search for him. So funny! :laughing:


Hahahah don’t worry ET’s is best that way, i played 3 or 4 ET’s on two accounts, but it didn’t feel right, so i deleted the second account and it feels better to have only one chance to succeed, even failing feels like the end of the world for a week or two :flushed:.


On my extra account i’m trying to kill the target with the chandelier in the house