Elusive Target #22 "The Bookkeeper" 17/03/2017 - 24/03/2017 DO NOT SUBDUE THE TARGET'S GUARDS


We are the Delusive Players obsessed with a trench coat unlockable.


Hahaha… I thought of something else:


In the farm house basement

Sean Rose: “OK everybody! You know what this meeting is about! Say… Where’s Ezra?”

Guard 1: "He was… with this guy!"
Guard 2: “No! He was with you!”

Burgess: “Oh my god! Is that an axe in Mr. Järnefelt’s spine?!? I just ate!”

Sean Rose: “Knock it off! Look at this mess! Look at our VIP! Now can someone tell me what happened?”

Guard 1: "There were explosions! Like… I dunno… five? uh…four? seven?"
Guard 2: "And the boiler kept switching on!"
Burgess: “You’re all wrong, I think I saw his car blow up…And then some other stuff blew up? Or maybe that was first? And then…”

Penelope Graves: "Oh… great…"
Maya Parvati: "Which one happened first?"
Sean Rose: “Yeah… Which one?”

Guard 3: “Don’t ask me… I was just looking at Berg’s prisoner, next thing I know I’m in a room with this huge Providence History lesson.”

Maya Parvati: “Aha! So that’s what you’re keeping in that secret room!”

Sean Rose: (rolls eyes) “Yeah… well it ain’t much of a secret room anymore, ain’t it?”

Guard 1: “Boss…if you really want the beginning… Our day started with this” Gives Bookkeeper’s personal tablet

Sean Rose: “What’s this? ‘Recommended Budget Cuts’?”

Maya Parvati: “That jackass was going to sell off my battering ram!”

Burgess: "Cancelling my medication?!? Does he want me to limp for the rest of my life?"
Hacker: “… Recommend change to Dial-Up Connection! This guy’s older than I thought!”

Sean Rose: “He was going to pull the rest of the budget off my Link 4 Smartwatch program! The nerve!”

Penelope Graves: “Well it seems you did put in quite an order for more than a few Link 4 Smartwatches…”

Sean Rose: “Penny, this project requires stringent tests! I need extras in case of issues…”

Penelope Graves: “… So you need… ten thousand of these Link 4 Smartwatches?”

Sean Rose: “I’m uh… Practice makes profit… excuse me! Practice makes perfect!”

Penelope Graves: “I didn’t realize the Link 4 Winter Editions cost twice as much! And why are you having a store constructed in New York?”

Sean Rose: “Hey! Look! This old geezer was going to also take budget away from your drugs program, Penelope! Gee! I would never have stood up for these cuts!”

Maya Parvati: “The point was this bean counter was going to shut us down. But whoever was here shut him down first…”

Sean Rose: “Gimme that damn incident report.”

Guard 1: "Here boss… "

Sean Rose writes: “Fatality: Pertti Järnefelt. Cause of Death: Accident. No sign of foul play.”

Penelope Graves: “Guy’s walking to the door and an axe happens to just fall on his back. Sure…”

Sean Rose: (strangely upbeat) “Aaaand… Email Sent! OK Back to work! Follow up on those… uh… extra Link 4 Smartwatches will ya? Hue hue hue…” :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah man I really wanted to do that! Or light him up with the oil drum!


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lol great skit. I especially liked the “And why are you having a store constructed in New York?”". A little nitpick, everyone (except Berg and Graves) is on a last-name-basis in the mission.


I felt the skit would go down better with a “Scooby Doo Gang” vibe. :stuck_out_tongue:


You mean like this? :metal::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::metal:

EDIT: see below a few posts for the full video SA/SO.


I thought fiber wire could be possible with my strategy, but time window would be extremely narrow. Really nice that @Euler13 pulled it off. Congratulations!!!

My first plan was to do drowning kill, but soldiers came even to the toilet with The Bookkeeper. Drowning kill could still be possible if the odds are right


How did you get him to the toilet? Both the chameleon and this guy puke in the bin outside the bathroom. I tried for both targets.


@hitmies47: Thanks and thank you for the clever strategy!

I tried using an emetic syringe and he goes to the bin outside the bathroom. However, I drowned the Chameleon on my run. I first put emetic poison in the hacker’s drink making him go to that bin. As long as the hacker is on his way at the time or is still puking then the target goes to the toilet; although sometimes he goes to the bin in the toilet!


I was using two emetic syringes. When someone already pukes in the bin outside the bathroom Bookkeeper will go to bathroom


5 accounts, one copy yeah.


How many accounts are allowed per copy of the game?



Ever since Mr. Freeze 2244 demonstrated it, I’m thinking I have a preference now for “Coin at the Toilet” drowning if the distance is short enough versus the unpredictable use of Emetic poisons…


Ah ya. Forgot. I know about the second emetic syringe. I haven’t unlocked it yet. I used syringe and vial and That’s how I drowned the street performer in Sapienza.


The funny thing is, there is a 3rd spot that an npc will puke sometimes. But it’s very rare. No toilet and no bin. Just plain area. I had the street performer walk into the underground tunnel and puke into a comer when I had emetic poisoned someone else to take up his usual spot.


Yeah… this really makes Emetics a nightmare to use now… Then again, if they ALWAYS went for a toilet that would make Emetics too easy to use.

Sigh… other times I think: “Why go through the Emetic slot machine shenanigans? I’ll just pump the poor sucker full of Lethal Poison after I’ve lured him to a safe spot.”


Ya I agree. Emetics would be too OP’d then. But what’s funny is that even the ai doesn’t know which one to choose sometimes. I poisoned an npc that went to a bathroom with both a toilet and a bin in it. I literally was tailing him right to the bathroom. When he got in, he went to the toilet. Then he stopped and went to the bin then stopped and went back to the toilet where I drowned him.

Sometimes I think it’s really bugged.


Video coming soon. The one I posted above was not even SA. Just for fun. But then I was determined to get it.