Elusive Target #22 "The Bookkeeper" 17/03/2017 - 24/03/2017 DO NOT SUBDUE THE TARGET'S GUARDS


The problem with that is you have to get them near a toilet in the first place. If you were on Xbox then you might have enjoyed a series of contracts I did called Devious Drownings (I think there were about seven in total). They all happened in Sapienza and each contract involved two targets. The methods had to be, as the title suggests, devious. :smiling_imp:

The puzzle master @Ed_ll3 solved each one of them with typical flair and creativity. You could probably find videos for each one on his YouTube channel if you were interested.




Done and done. SA/SO/Accident (5:39)


Utterly brilliant! Great job, @D1NGdong.


Well done, mate! Fantastic!


Thank you, gentlemen. :+1:


So, while I was probably going to fail anyway as my attempt ended in a shootout, I believe i got jipped by a bug. I wound up triggering an evacuation as I got spotted after having picked up the ledger and decided to chase after the target and gun him and his targets down. I headshotted him with the ICA19, then used the smg on the guards. The countdown stayed and when it reached zero, it said he escaped even though the game confirmed his death with a check mark. Lame.


@Travis_IOI, is it possible to do something about the timer bug many folks have encountered and complained about here? With only a few ETs remaining, it’d be helpful if they were allowed to retry this ET or any other way you guys see fit. (As the kill gets registered, I hope it’s possible to identify and segregate users who’ve encountered the timer bug).


Hm, the same bug as the 7 second timer for having the gun out in one of the latest escalations, not a good way to fail a ET :fearful:.


No definitely not. I might have been able to scrape by as I was right near the exit but I failed instantly as the timer hit 0.


It’s useless to call him out. @Travis_IOI is still hiding in a box while everyone here is “Searching” for him with regards to the “No more ET’s for Season 1” Supicious Activity. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah well I had the same idea… :confused:

I guess I should be happy that someone figured it out… :slight_smile:


How amazing that they felt willing enough to explain how a series of six hits that two entire platforms the game is on can’t experience was accomplished. :stuck_out_tongue:



I really couldn’t bother getting SA for this one. I hate Colorado and the target had 6 guards following him and you can’t subdue any of them! I just sniped him and got the fuck out. Hate, hate Colorado!! Maybe I am just tired from the game. Bring on season 2 please.



This is the first one I’ve failed. My heart wasn’t really in it. It’s Colorado & I only attempted it as there’s two days left. I have all the rewards unlocked so I really had no motivation. I think I’m burned out on this game at the moment but it has been a year of playing this & not much else.
Oh well, I had a good run. Streak is over.


Like The Undertaker. :slight_smile:


I didn’t feel like fooling with it, so I just sniped him out from the tower and stealth-killed my way to the ledger.


HELP! I’ve been really stooooopid and got the ledger before figuring things out and now I’m in the room with the 3D printer and dunno where the hell he is :see_no_evil:


Wait in the house, he will go there and you can follow him :smiley:.