Elusive Target #22 "The Bookkeeper" 17/03/2017 - 24/03/2017 DO NOT SUBDUE THE TARGET'S GUARDS


To be fair the auditor didn’t give a crap about his job, I think it’s the perimeter guard who also says their expenses are high because of coffee and random stuff and the auditor was like, cool I’m going to go check out the explosives now.


I really liked the story behind this guy. His job justified his walking all over the compound and having a phalanx of security guards.

The intro briefing mentions some of his “Known Clients”. Ekwensi and Delgado are old, but I think their company names are new:

Ekwensi - Karnac Holdings
Delgado - Caracas Trading
Yuvee - Senn Inc, Delaware
Al’R’hem - Third Kingdom International

There could be clues to future seasons or ETs in here.


“DO NOT SUBDUE THE TARGET’S GUARDS”? i thought they learned their lesson with the fixer…


Hahaha i did, but in the fixer we subdued the courier and not a guard :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.


It doesn’t cause you to instantly fail though. It causes him to go into lockdown and try to flee the level. You can still catch him escaping. I don’t think it’s that bad. The Chef had a similar behavior (subduing his entourage would cause him to hide in the security office).


failed, don´t really care…
I headshotted him in Lockdown but somehow the bullet didn´t hit?
well thats the first one I failed, but I have all suits :slight_smile:
He died though, I shot him in the stomach and Igot shot in the stomach


Not only that, the client is the guy who talk to Koyama about the ICA, therefore make Koyama issued the Sarajevo Six contracts. I am now confused about the hidden plot of Hitman.


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I annoyingly just missed out on SA in this one. Started as hacker, blew up a car using a duck to get the accident kill, then loads of guards started running in my direction, even though they hadn’t seen me. Ran upstairs to hide at got spotted by the hacker enforcer, making me lose my no spotted bonus. Hid downstairs, shooting the camera box until he stopped being alert and then nipped back up to lockpick the safe. Would actually have been quite an easy contract if I’d been more careful.


The dialogue between the target and the guard the front gate was great. He told the bookkeeper about a couple in an SUV recently arrived to the compound and asked if they could join. The guard got rid off them by telling them that they they are supporting gay marriage and abortions. And it wasn’t even the first time something like that happens. :joy:


The Winter Suit is mine. But I cheated and looked for the location of the ledger in the forum after killing the target and not finding it on his body. I assumed his bodyguards were carry it, but wanted to confirm it before trying to subdue them and risk ruining my SA ranking for nothing.

The worst thing, however, is what I had to do to kill the target. It’s something I never wanted to do and it made me feel really, really dirty.

Now excuse me please, but I need a hot shower to wash away the shame. :sob:


Did you actually pick up the ledger? If so it shouldn’t have given you the option to restart, even if the game hadn’t necessarily registered it as quick as you could pause. Maybe that was the games way of auto correcting itself?


Two words: Breaching Charge


Hey cool, that shows I was no. 4 for a while there! Yay!


I got to say I am very disappointed about this target. First of all you couldn’t do much with the target considering that every time you knock one of his guards he would freak out for no reason. It was very disappointing how I had to kill him. I had to kill him with breach charges. I do not like killing targets with breach targets because it is way to easy and is almost cheating. This wasn’t as bad as The Chameleon though, but I really thought Colorado would redeem its self with this ET. Sadly it didn’t. Luckily I got SA so i’m happy :slight_smile:


I quite enjoyed it, although I was hoping I’d be able to nitroglycerin his ass to kingdom come but that didn’t quite work out. After the Surgeons though and there being only one way to get official SA this was quite refreshing.


Haven’t seen a Suit Only run yet , so here it is!


Here’s my blind run boys, turn on subtitles ୧༼ಠ益ಠ༽୨!


i sniped his ass huehuehuehue


Done, another SA :slight_smile: got my blood money suit. now 3 more then signature suit :smiley:


did anyone think it was weird that when collecting the ledger it took a second to load in as complete. When I collected it towards the end I thought the mission was glitched I was going to be upset.