Elusive Target No. 17 "The Food Critic". 12.30.2016 (30.12.2016)


He actually goes to the Atrium? Sheesh I would have tried something similar. Oh well… As it is, in my case, he died by Red Rubber Ducky. :stuck_out_tongue:


I think that guy was lying, what he described as his plan sounded stupid, also he said SA/SO/NO Ko, then he said that he had to take care of 2 guards, also apparently he got banned huehueheuheue.


Here’s my run, I only just got round to playing it.

Did it in 1:34


Yup. Did the fire extinguisher. I actually didn’t realize that’s how most people were doing it. I just didn’t see many other easy options, other than knocking out/luring a ton of people, and abusing bad AI, etc. So I went with the simplest method I could think of. To be fair, this is my first FE kill, so yeah.


Bit late to this one but man that target was dull. I spent so much time following his painfully slow route that I was prepared to just set a plastic explosive to his chair or even gun and run until I thought to remove his guard with a dropped gun and pushed him over the balcony. Oh well silver lining at least my patience got me a SA.


thanks man! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


[quote=“GuLe, post:375, topic:13412”]
I think that guy was lying

I kind of feel sorry for this guy hueheuheuehue


Alright, I know this is very offtopic but I got very curious reading all these posts; is there any particular reason you go “huehuehuehue” in most posts?

Don’t mean to be rude or anything, just wondering.

Also, finally killed the ET. Fuck this one; just used my Pale duck and Requiem suit to rub it in this ET’s blown off face even more.

This one was terrible.


Who needs a reason for huehueing? huehuehuehue


SO means Staff Only?


Suit Only

I have to say something


I see now.



Lmao, I don’t think that dude realizes that to pull of a Vent KO SA you’d need to sucessfully knock out like 30 or 40 npcs that can see the bodies first lol. Then again he doesn’t seem to know nothing about anything at all, he’s just a asshole for asshole sake.


That’s not counting the fact you can’t physically get to the vents because you have to use the distractions to get him into the atrium.


After playing this ET, this is my review:

  1. It’s not a good idea to put any ET like that when most of the players want that winter coat.
  2. We have the Winter Steam Sale, I think the ET should be in Paris so every new players can play.


I think the next two ETs will be in Colorado and Hokkaido. I can’t wait to get my White Yakuta.


What was wrong with it?


Wen T’sai: “You! Bald Waiter! What are you doing there behind my chair?”

47: “Oh, Sir. I was just checking to make sure our safety features are in working order.”

Wen T’sai: “What safety features?!?”

47: “Why, when danger is imminent, we sometimes activate our Restaurant Ejector Seats. Throws anyone clear of the site of danger. You’d be miles away from where any threat or major blast just occurred!”

Wen T’sai: “Ejector Seats? You must be joking.”

47: “I never joke about my work, Sir.” :wink:


So it appears that Wen will hang out in the upstairs lounge (where Abel de Silva talks at the bar) on a new permanent loop if his bodyguard disappears. Can anyone else confirm this? Anyway, after a lot of frustration thats where I killed him, with a FE in the end. I hardly ever use them so I felt it was justified. Now just one more Silent Assassin ET until that Winter suit is mine! :smile:


This ET did make me realize how much this game really relies on a target “doing something”. If a Target does nothing but sit there beside his bodyguard all day… it does make things very difficult.

But what I love about this ET was all the videos of the smart people who managed to get rid of all 3 guards in the immediate area, or how they used tricks to affect Wen’s security detail or his own travel path.

I’d actually seen these tricks, particularly the “Drop/place Illegal Item to make guards travel the long way around the map” trick in other videos, but it’s only in this “focused example” that I realized its beauty and elegance. :slight_smile: