Elusive Target No. 17 "The Food Critic". 12.30.2016 (30.12.2016)


The only proper way for him to move is getting close and listening to his conversations with the waiter. Eventually he demands to the waiter to take him to the kitchen to tell the chef about his incomformities.


He does eventually. But he’s constantly surrounded by Master Chefs, Waiters, and his bodyguard. So far, people have killed the Target either by being really direct and making for the exit, or doing elaborate distractions (note plural) to get the Target alone or get everyone around him disoriented.


The props seem to cause some characters not to see objects. This guard seems to ignore illegal items that drop behind the table/chair. One guy who managed to pull it off did it by throwing a coin at the corner first (with the plant) and then hiding all the way on the opposite corner (behind Wen’s chair). When the guard finishes his coin routine and is walking back to his spot, you can then place your Gun where you placed the coin before.

When the guard turns around… he sees the gun… Then he picks it up and ends up walking all the way to the opposite hotel wing leaving Wen unprotected!

This is a lot easier if you’re in a security disguise so you can just drop the gun outright and hide.


Is there a possibility to poison him?


Not with consumed poison. You have to lethally poison him manually, @Bielak812.


Doesn’t he taste cake in kitchen though?


He doesn’t swallow it.


He tastes it but doesn’t swallow, apparently. And he only tastes it like 1/5 times he enters the kitchen.

I just placed a breaching charge and a fire extinguisher behind the chair where he sits, SA in about 2 minutes. Feels like cheating, but with an ET that has such a limited path, I’ll happily use these silly exploits.


That amount of cyanide might have been enough to see some effect. Just gotta borrow a bit from Dalia.


Thanks, I took your advice and used antic lethal poison syringe…

MY WINTER SUIT = 4/5 :heart:


Has anyone tried drowning Tsai in a toilet? Or crushing him with a chandelier?


He could probably be drowned with an emetic syringe, and with some creative lures also chandeliered. I mean, we saw a coconut.


Yeah… the bit about how he avoids actually eating food is no longer in briefings but it’s in the Intel Window for the target. Something about his “unique protein intake method” allowing him to no longer have to eat food normally - he only criticizes the experience of food rather than ever having to actually consume or digest it.


Sounds like some of the Steam reviews on the current Hitman game to me.


The reviews talk about proteins? :stuck_out_tongue:


No, but they don’t play the game enough. And they review it purely because of it’s always online.


Yeah, but this is why I made sure to plug on some of those End of 2016 game polls… if Hitman is seen as a title that keeps popping up on people’s lists… sooner or later the whole “it’s online bah!” thing just falls away.

I liken this to how Disney can put someone into the mainstream by sheer visibility and force of will. :stuck_out_tongue:

And related to another discussion… the amount of media visibility about each ET’s release shows you that Square Enix is doing it’s job… getting the game out there.

A lot of people I talk to say that the most important thing is that now you can go to Steam and basically get a whole bunch of Hitman (Season 1) and then consider Season 2 piecemeal. The hardest part was always the very beginning when there was just the training missions and Showstopper only.


There are like 4 toilets in the entirety of Bangkok. I doubt he can be drowned since he’ll just go straight for the trashcan :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh well. He is very close to a toilet though, perhaps with some creative luring he could be made to be sick there. Although he would have to be lured past the coconut trash can range, which means he needs to be Past at least 4 of the food plates.


and… COCONUT KILL! :slight_smile: (There’s one group of them directly over the trashcan in the atrium).