Elusive Target No. 17 "The Food Critic". 12.30.2016 (30.12.2016)


I completely forgot about this one. Bugger. The only ET that I’ve missed out on! I feel bummed out.


Damn, that sucks man. I missed the Forger and it still hurts to this day :confused:


Yeah but the way I see it there will be plenty more :slight_smile: I used to be all about Hitman but now the kids are older and more demanding I have hardly any energy to play videogames. I’ve been hooked on Netflix and working out. Was a great year for Hitman though!

I just want that winter coat suit!!!


Play RE7 with them, @tobiasrieper.48! The cubs love horror games, like when I used to play Alien Trilogy on the PSOne with my papa bear. Great times! :bear::slight_smile:


I am very much excited for RE7. I think this may be too much for them they’re only 18 months!! I reminder when I was 10 playing the first Resi I was so freaked out I turned it off after the first encounter with the zombie!


Still, give it a shot. Sometimes kids grow up to love terror genres. Who doesn’t loves to place some gunshots in BOWs?


Agreed! I understand IOI have a separate team that works on Elusive Targets. At the very least, right now, what we can commend is that they are actually making unique characters and backstories each time they do an Elusive Target. Maybe if their in-studio tools for writing scenarios becomes faster/easier to use then we can see Elusive Target missions gain more in this regard.

That said it seems like what you are asking for is something at the level of the Bonus Episodes where the work didn’t just go to a new target on an existing map, but to an entire new scenario, massive map alterations, and a new slew of disguises, as well as Opportunities and Challenges.


Gave him the syringe to the back while his body guard was hiding away 47’s dropped SilverBaller.

Managed to get a Silent Assassin Rank for this Elusive Target, one step closer to the Winter Coat :wink:


The problem with Bonus Episodes is that they require too much effort/time to fit into the same bracket as an Elusive Target, which I’m sure they can throw together in very little time at all (in comparison). So this doesn’t really solve the problem.

What I’m suggesting is that maps/disguises/items were designed in such way that we would no longer need to rely on new maps/disguises/items being released alongside each Elusive Target. I’ve heard people say it’d be cool if we could dress up as the waiter and lead the target to the kitchen, or maybe offer him a drink. But what if this was something we could to any NPC, on any Mission, Escalation or User-made Contract? Now we have an infrastructure that supports any potential target, regardless of whether or not IO bother to even script him to move from his chair. They wouldn’t need to. Their hard work would have already been done.

This kind of interaction is already in the game. We have the officer outfit in Marrakesh which can dismiss other soldiers, and the Masseuse that can offer NPCs a massage. So it’s possible, at least on a small scale, but imagine if they expanded this into more disguises.

This is obviously all hypothetical, and it goes without saying that a strict scripted event is mich easier to code than systemic mechanics that players could manipulate in any number of ways. I can only imagine how complex Season 1’s levels were to craft as it is. This is just the direction I’d like to see them go in Season 2.


That guy who said it would be me! :slight_smile:

But yeah… It would require a larger set of “Base NPC” interactivity… with the exception that Elusive Targets can use “non-stock responses” (eg: Wen berating you for 20 seconds before you get to start escorting, whereas the stock NPC response is… “OK… lead the way”.)

It would also add a twist if a future ET for example would react with: “No! I don’t want a tour! Thank you!”

It’s definitely something that can happen down the road… maybe. :slight_smile:


LOL I actually used a crappy pistol in the ET level for that very reason. Dropped it behind the guard, gave the critic a dose of fiberwire once the guard had left. No way was I going to let that goon throw my silverballer in some weapons locker.


Of course, it would need to be balanced just like every other addition they make to the game. As @Soupienza said, NPC’s could potentially tell you to get lossed if IO want them to :joy:. It’s worth mentioning though, that I don’t think it’s possible for these changes to happen to already existing maps (other than maybe a new bonus episode that overhauls them). I’m just hoping that future levels focus more on these kind of interactions, rather than the heavy reliance we have on opportunities.

I’m not saying opportunities are bad for the game or anything. As well as giving some really cool, cinematic and satisfying kills, they allow new players to enjoy the game just as much as we do on this forum (Which is why it sold well). Right now, turning on/off the HUD options is acting as the games difficulty select screen. I don’t want that to change (I do want a hardcore mode though :joy:).


my run was from 2 dislikes to 11 in no time. dummie is a poor bastard. feel really sorry for him.


I disliked your run too huehue


huehueuhehuehue stawp


What is this hue hue mean? Last time I checked hue was to do with colour. Still kicking myself for forgetting about the food critic…I’ll never achieve 100% kill rate for Elusives.


its a laugh. usually brazilians use it.


I missed this one, oops :speak_no_evil:.


Thanks for the info. Akin to Hee hee hee or ha ha ha :slight_smile: This World Wide Web is an interesting place indeed.


We miss lot of things in life. Don’t regret. Rejoice that you didn’t missed other ETs.