Elusive Target No. 17 "The Food Critic". 12.30.2016 (30.12.2016)


I shoved him over the edge into the restaurant and walked past him on my way out


Actually they can do this, but it would be a very large patch. It’s effectively a game expansion.


I am out of the loop, why is dummie disliking all of these Hitman videos, not to mention making multiple accounts to do it? Is he angry about something specific?


he doesnt like speedrunners and he has some mental problems i suppose.


It appears, like the ex-dictator, that IOI had an approach in mind that no one wound up using. It looks like the original idea was to take out Wen’s bodyguard, then his new route would offer a different opportunity to take him down.


He was supposed to have a new route if you took out his guard? I didnt even think of doing that. My thought was remove guard via lost weapon and then either poisen or ledge push. I ended up using ledge push.


Wow I wish I’d thought of that. Similar to how the Chef moved to the security office when his entourage was taken out.


Damn, that didn’t even cross my mind.


I’m at the stage where missing ET’s won’t be a big deal, I have most stuff unlocked as it is. That said I’m quite excited for new ET’s in colorado and hokkaido just because I really love those maps


Idk either, but it was a very intentional design choice. I’m just glad difficulty is increasing again after the guru. I think we all need to give the devs a bit more credit regarding their designs for the ETs- they do always have a non-glitchy or FE method available.


Missed out on this ET - was on holiday! I got home and I believe I missed out by an hour or two!

Plane was delayed also! GRRRRRRR:rage:


don’t feel too mad… the contract sucked anyway


I saw videos on how to get easy SA on this contract and most ET’s look boring

To be honest, I only do the ET for suit unlocks


Yeah, once I get the winter suit, I am just gonna goof around in them, do harder stuff in them. I always super nervous when I do ETs, and the next one looks challenging.


I think after my suit I’m going to try and make ETs look as if they’ve killed themselves. Or that someone else has killed them. For the fun of it.