Epic Rap Battles of Hitman`


General Zaydan

Now, I used to know your dad, what a great man,
If only he knew his precious daughters shitty plan,
You may control Viktor, but what does he do?
Nothing like my banker, who managed to fuel my coup
You play with your little auction, I’ll play with Morocco
I’ll control a nation, you couldn’t control Rocco
I know all your secrets were exposed by St. Clair
If it were me I’d have her held hostage on a chair
The Auction of Secrets? More like the auction of lies,
I’m no fraud however, I own all Moroccan skies
I’ll make Rabat fall just like you fell onto Viktor
Building an army while you look in the mirror


“You play with your little auction, I’ll play with Morocco” and the ending line was really good too!


I’m more proud of the Rocco line to be honest.
Rhyming with Morocco was not easy.


Finished Fishermen Against Glorifying Silvio , three fishermen (including Stefano DeRose) and one of the kitchen assistants (an undercover fisherman). ID: :1-03-1975873-17.


There’s a couple of fishermen that complain about Silvio on the pier, close to the seaside biolab entrance.


Second verse coming up?


Yes, I’ll try to do it soon.


Dalia Margolis (second verse):

When I look into the mirror, I see the Queen of Hearts;
if “knowledge poker” is the game, then I hold all the cards.
I knew about your crummy coup, and I knew that it was folly;
I can read deluded despots like they’re "Where is Fucking Wally?"
The main difference between us, is that all my boasts are true;
you’re like, “I’ve got a massive cock and this is what I’m gonna do”.
If we can simply make things up, let’s say I rule the universe,
and you can shine my shoes while Hugo Strandberg holds my purse.
You’re a dummy, I’m a model; you’re a beast and I’m a belle;
I make cash, you make Morocco, look like “Holidays From Hell”;
I’d put your army up for auction, but as far as I can tell:
your toy soldiers all fire blanks, and your bullshit wouldn’t sell.

“Where’s Wally” is the British version of “Where’s Waldo”, by the way. :nerd: lol


Second verse please. Then I’ll choose a beat and make a poll.


Nah, I can’t think of anything.
If anyone wants to take over, feel free.


Ok, while we are waiting for the General, here’s the beat: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j17l4lo8-14


General Zaydan (second verse)

Now if we’re playing poker, I guess you should just fold
Cause I’m about to take you down with burns that will scold
I’ve nabbed more titles than the Guinness books of records
While your organisation is just a bunch of flower petals
Using poison, that’s a cowards way to kill
Give me a Kashihnakov and I’m king of the hill
My army is stronger than your words will ever be
’The sword beats the pen’ is the way to go for me
See the prisoner I tied up, that’s what I do to loose ends
While all you do is threaten, when you need to defend
If I’m a beast, I’m the best beast that ever was
Who needs beauty when you have a house full of arms
If you think cash is why I’m here, you’re know nothing
I build my house of cards higher than all of your money
You think I’m a dummy? Go home and talk to Viktor
That man has less smarts than Patrick Star’s little sister

Now go back to your show, your pretty dresses need you
I’ll go be a warlord using tactics better than Sun Tzu



Oh I see - in that case, kudos to YOU @David47

  • Dalia Margolis
  • Reza Zaydan.

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I voted for myself oops :laughing:


Any more rap battles happening any time soon?


Epic rap battles of Hitman

Ezra Berg
Yuki Yamazaki



Ezra Berg

The interrogator’s here, ready to ask some questions
About how an ex-Yakuza helped killers on pensions
My mask hides my shame at your hopeless career
You may use brute force where as I use fear
I’ve got more drugs than God out in my makeshift lab
Not an evil lawyer caught in some mad money grab
I may wear a mask, that’s to instil fear
Not to hide a scar from ear to ear
Unlike you, you must have scars inside
From all the times you’ve used cyanide
I don’t like to kill, I’m morally good
But you’ve gone and stained your hands with blood
I’m a fighter of the people, the better man
Frying you up like you’re in a pan
You’re a puppet and I’m gonna cut your strings
I work for a hero who’ll shoot off both your wings
You think my friends are mad, just look at Soders
Killing people in Brazil and calling them 'donors’
Guess it’s time for Berg to exit the scene
Cus you’ve just been burned, let me hear you scream


This thread still alive? If so, Viktor Novikov vs Marco Abiatti! Begin!


I would have played Yuki, but I didn’t know anything about her at the time @Silverballer posted.

Plus, he and I have already battled and I thought someone else might want to step in.