Epic Rap Battles of Hitman`


Marco Abiatti:

I’m Marco Abiatti. Pleased to make your acquaintance, I’d love to stay and chat, but I have some arrangements.

Novikov thinks he’s some big shot mobster, little does he know, he will soon be sleeping with the lobsters.

You should know, I cover my tracks well, if you come to my town, you will die by the church bell.

I’m running for mayor, while you run a comb through your hair. If it comes down to you and me, you won’t have a prayer.

Now go sit in your chair, just stick to your fashion, you don’t have the passion to do what I do…
Now run along, I’m sure you have pretty dresses to attend to.


But… who’s gonna play Yuki?


Viktor Novikov:
Stop the presses! It’s Viktor Novikov! Against this crooked clown!
I’m ready to spill blood, so tell your guards lock you down.
Let me speak frankly, you cut through the crap, but your verse was shit.
Caruso won’t need to call the ICA, cause I’m have you more than hit.
Disses are served, here’s the cheque, Dick Nixon.
When I told my girlfriend about you, she went “Honey, that’s Nixon”.
Get in the way of my business, and none shall be spared.
Take some pride in yourself, do something with your hair.
Run off, little Marco, before I get your life postponed.
You better build a wall to keep IAGO from your home.


Weak, man. Abiatti definitely won this round :relieved:
Better add that extra “diss”

JK lol…
But yeah, who’s doing Yuki now?



Maybe I can try. But Berg doesn’t have much material. Let’s do Francesca De Santis vs Yuki Yamazaki.



Well, well…
miss Yuki Yamaza-ki, you look like you fell down a stupid Tree…
and hit every branch on the way Down, get the hell out of my costal Town.

I’m a scientist, daughter of neo-classical composer and stage Theater. Get out before I kill you with Ether.

I’m focused on climbing the corporate ladder, you’re a lawyer who sits on her ass and keeps getting fatter.

You think Caruso was the shit? Ha!
He’s just a little pawn in my mastermind skit.

I’m coming for you, just wait till you see…
I’ll come to Japan and make you ski into a tree.

ehh lmfao not my best, screw it, it’s late… Going to catch some :sleeping:
Go for it and do Yuki :wink:


Er, I don’t really have any ideas. Let’s continue the Marco Abiatti vs Viktor Novikov battle.


Abiatti’s lost his silver tongue?


Ha. Never…
Marco Abiatti:

"Lookie here, come back for more my dear? I thought I already put you in your place. You are a disgrace to the human race.

Your talk is big for a little boy. Hearing your lousy lyrics, bring me such joy.

This may come to a surprise, but it is in fact me, on the high rise.

You ain’t a mobster, you’re a mobsters wife, boy, you ain’t cut out for this life.

Miss Margolis wears the pants now, don’t She?
You will never Be part of my family Tree.

I am the true one with all the power. You can just sit and play with your flower.

Come at me again, sir, I swear things will get sour, I’d like to stay and chat, but I got some business in the church tower.


Viktor Novikov:
Ha, I seen better burns when Bosco was on fire!
Business in the church tower? Better watch the spire.
You’re a thug, I’m a kingpin, someone you should admire!
I’ll get Francesco cause you’re gonna need a funeral pyre!
I’ll leak your true self, and kill you during damage control!
Listen here, you little twerp, I dropkick you down the poll!
Don’t trust this fucker with the nuclear codes!
I rather 4 years of Caruso than this two-faced toad!
Viktor got him finished, diminished this greedy loner!
So get going down the road, this election is over.

  • Viktor Novikov
  • Marco Abiatti

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In their first verse, Marco Abiatti and Viktor Novikov rap on the concert stage and the catwalk respectively, with the crowd periodically cheering them on.

In the second verse, Abiatti raps on the dock (the place he gets blown up by fireworks) and Novikov raps in front of the Seine river with fireworks in the background.

At the end of Novikov’s last verse, Novikov triggers Abiatti’s fireworks. Abiatti nervously looks up and is blasted offscreen. Novikov smirks and leans on the railing as 47, dressed in the Requeim suit, menacingly approaches him.

The “WHO WON? WHO’S NEXT? YOU DECIDE!”, Viktor Novikov does the Russian arms squat dance and Marco Abiatti breakdances in the background of their sky, with fireworks at full force.

During Abiatti’s first verse, Silvio Caruso cameos, smoking a cigarette in the crowd.

The beat is Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton from ERB: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=RslcSL0peJQ


I do it for the knowledge, not the credit.




make one for us who only play the classics


I don’t play the classics.


That would be a great idea! :smiley:

Maynard John
Mark Parchezzi III



Blue Lotus Negotiator VS Red Dragon Negotiator


@markie why don’t you have all the battles registered in the OP in a list type of thing. like this:


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@MrBurn4488 Good idea. I’ll do that after school.