Escalation completion


Havent played a lot of escalations, completed all on the tutorial levels but only one on showstopper. I am on the 5th level on a second however and realized I couldn’t tell the difference between the two escalations completion status. Both say level 5/5 and and everything else looks the same too.
So my question is: any way to tell the difference between an escalation where I have completed all five lvls and one where I have only the 5th lvl left?
Would be handy if I try more of them, so I know which ones will get me closer to the 10 escalations challenge and which ones I’d just be wasting time with, replaying one I already finished but forgot.

Also couldnt find any stats for how many escalations I have completed, is that visible anywhere?


Umm…unless you’ve got some new glitch, it should show right on the little box for each one where you’re at. 1/5, 2/5, 5/5.

No easy way to tell how many completed though. Just have to count em.


You can see in the challenges which escalations the game thinks you’ve completed.


OK it seems maybe after a patch something happened to my escalations. Just now completed the one where I only had lvl 5 left and now it says “completed” when I open it. But on the 3 other escalations I had already completed it says “5/5” so it seems my completing the final lvls has reset for some reason.


I have noticed this has just happened to me in the last week or so. I had ALL escalations fully complete. Now only about 2-3 in each location show the ‘tick’ symbol - the rest have changed to 5/5. I’m not doing the last level of them all again - hope this gets fixed.