ET #26 "The Entertainer" 07/14/2017 (14/07/2017) (Final ET for season one)


IO confirmed on Instagram that The Entertainer would be Mr Giggles :smiley:


10 days phew

Then I don’t have to book an early flight home from France :joy:
This ET looks interesting!


Do you think he’ll arrive with his posse?


Well this is interesting. I was expecting a full blown clown. Well considering we don’t see his face, I suppose he could still have face paint… we shall see!

I’m just really excited for this one, but at the same time I’m pretty disappointed… I really liked the Elusive Targets, A LOT. I always looked forward to them every single time.

They were some of the best content we received imo and I just wanna take this chance to say thank you to IO for coming up with the whole concept of them and all the amount of work they went through in creating each and every one yes… even the Chameleon :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I really enjoyed the ride this past year with them and for each unique experience that each and every one of the targets brought to the table. They were a great idea and a lot of fun and I really hope we see more of them in S2, hopefully. So thanks again, IO! Job well done :+1:

Now to wait for the final one “The Entertainer” currently I eliminated each and every one so far, all with SA so I really hope I can end this one with a bang…

Which, come to think of it… I actually think I will :gun:

To make this last target a bit more memorable for me, I think I will set aside ol’ “Melody” and literally go out with a “bang” (Silverballer) of course, I’ll still have my trusty Fiber Wire with me for the ride! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I need my unslienced Silverballer for this goddammit


Heh, yeah if only…


Thank you umm… Mr. SprayStealer

EDIT: Diana said something in 0:26 but I cannot hear clearly.


Such an ironic name for a reserved and cold character. I really like his briefing. Seriously heinous stuff going on with this guy.
@Q.Minh: Diana says that he should be simple enough to spot at least. At 0:26


And the bowler hat… anyone care to remember the Thomas Crown Affair?


“He should be simple enough to spot at least”


Can you imagine if after completing ET 26… you get a cinematic that leads to Season 2 story hints? :smiley:


at 0:26 she says “he should be simple enough to spot.” and i think she gives a slight snicker


It almost looks like this dude is wearing ‘moko’, which are traditional Maori facial tattoos.

It’s not a perfect match; some of those patterns you wouldn’t normally find in Maori artwork. But I wonder if this has any relevance to his backstory at all. They’re considered sacred and aren’t typically worn by non-Maori.


So the inspiration for the target’s business actually existed. Pretty interesting.


what if we can kill him on a street brawl? that would be awesome


HITMAN further increases its reputation as the intelligent man’s action game.

Now we can go around in gamer circles boasting about our newfound knowledge in obscure horror theatre. :relieved:



Hype! I’m sadly going to miss this one due to wifi being removed (currently on mobile data) but at least I can watch the stream :laughing:


So use your phone data to play. I’ve done that before. This game doesn’t need much to connect and play online. It’s not constantly DL/UL while you play like a true multiplayer game is like COD.

Just a thought. Hope you don’t miss it.


He will have to download 1.2 Gb patch and Elusive Target data. So. sadly, he has low chances of playing ET.