ET #26 "The Entertainer" 07/14/2017 (14/07/2017) (Final ET for season one)


Yeah, the patch would take far too long to install and I’d probably run out of data halfway through.


Ya, I forgot about the patch. Damn!! I feel bad for you.


It’s live. I’m going in. See ya on the flipside. :slight_smile:


if there was ever a target to fight back it would be this guy



The blonde girl with sunglasses in the shisha cafe has it


I’m live now and in need of support for this last one. All messages are visible on the screen. Join in and enjoy :slight_smile:



My Blind/No Restarts run:


Just played it without killing him yet. I find his story well integrated to AHBOS, maybe not as special as I thought. Still have to think about a fancy way to take him out.


Somewhat appropriate the last ET for the season would end like this. :laughing:

Was planning on a poison; thought it would be a nice way to take him out considering, but ended up freestyling it with a shot to the face and an edgy scamper back to collect the tablet. Could have restarted and tidied up the run: not too fussed though.

ET 26 - (3:53)

The nature of HBoS and the target location limit the options a bit compared to some that have been integrated into the main missions. Nevertheless, a solid and fun ET to round out S1. :slight_smile:


Got him SA/Unsuppresed shotgun. Pics really soon.


An excellent ET to finish the season with. A shame we now have nothing to look forward to but escalations for the next few months. No one even enjoys that repetitive garbage.


SA/SO/Battle Axe:


You mean you are terrible at the game which escalations point out even more, and thats why you dont like them.

Sorry to burst your bubble but lots of people like them


“At the risk of sounding flippant… the clown has expired, and the money has been wired. Exit 47, stage left.”

Done. :slight_smile:

Took me forever to find the client list, and I didn’t wan’t to kill giggles before I was 100% certain I could get the list…

This kind of target you either kill in as horrific a way as possible for the irony, or you go the exact opposite direction and approach it like a pro. I chose the latter and ended him with a classic fiber wire kill.


Aaaand silently assassinated! Video:

I’m no. 5! Well, until the big guns here show up anyway. :smirk:

Took the merchant costume, it lets you go into Mr. Giggles area, not that it makes much of a difference. I also wanted to make extra sure the waiter’s body wasn’t found and that I got a “Body Found” that wasn’t just Mr. Giggles. My poisoning and subduing of the woman with the file was… not very subtle.

It’s a shame, I was one Elusive Target from the signature suit with gloves. Guess we’ll see what next season brings.


LMAO i just the best luck. I went to the shisha bar. I attracted a random woman to the bathroom, I just wanted the invite so I could get to the bar again if the target got through.

Figures, the lady was actually the one with the needed list lol


U got lucky… I KO’d like 5 wrong people huheue


As a part of tradition - I like to use weapons I haven’t used before. This time I decided to hone in blood the reward knife for mastering Night Marrakesh - Janbiya.

It went quite well. And quite deep.


I made him giggle (…with my bullets).
I always wanted to eliminate an ET in this way. Perfect conclusion. :cowboy_hat_face::sparkles::tada:


This coming from the person who dedicates his life to finding ways of exploiting the AI for his supposedly impressive speedruns?