ET #26 "The Entertainer" 07/14/2017 (14/07/2017) (Final ET for season one)


I did the ET SA/SO 2:05, uploading now :slight_smile:


Achieved SA with Fibre Wire Kill - One play through only… This ET was a good 'un!

I’ll upload my play through later on my channel:


Rekky Rekky:


Well done!

Can you shave some extra time by taking the Shisha cafe key and taking the woman in that room?


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I don’t know, I might give it a try rho…


To answer @Garamoth, if you pick up the key:

you can enter the shisha den through the back door, put on the waiter disguise in the locker and carefully make your way to the bathroom. Pick up the rat poison, run to the bar (watching for the waiter enforcer) and poison the left side champagne glass. She will drink it, come to puke, voilá!


But it ain’t beating 2 minutes that way


I still wonder… what is so special about this ET, according to Travis and Torben tweets? :thinking:


This is the first ET where you could save an albino camel.


It’s done. SA/SO though I did the SO only out of concern that there might be weird new enforcers. Seems to have worked out as a number of NPCs turned out to not enforce the suit (the assistant anywhere in the bar, the waiter and businessman on the roof and, surprisingly enough, Giggles himself). Took my time, KO’d before committing to kills, and so forth; the ET doesn’t punish that and this made it quite easy. Kong’s bodyguard kept trolling me by walking right up to wherever the assistant was to interfere with coining her, but that was just bad timing on my part and all it took was persistence at that point, there wasn’t any way I could fail.

Wasn’t taking any chances because it was my only shot at Blood Money w/ Gloves and happily it all worked out and I have the best default variant now. Looks so much nicer than the Signature. Plus Summer w/ Gloves which might be the worst of the area-specific suits but at least I finally got to fill that gap.


Despite being truth, this is the best line of shit all day!


Falling Sign kill - SA/SO- 3:07


No flying lamp? I’m disappointed.


too much time to set that up :stuck_out_tongue:


Done, 3 hitman symbols. Video uploading.


Are Legshot noticed kills patched yet? I want to shoot him in the leg and then blast him with a shotgun on the ground :upside_down_face:


Electrocution Kill


Woo. Every Elusive done successfully. :slight_smile:


Blind/No Restarts

Turn on subtitles! ୧༼ಠ益ಠ༽୨