ET #26 "The Entertainer" 07/14/2017 (14/07/2017) (Final ET for season one)


Blind/no restarts. Got the target clean, lost SA doing something dumb looking for the client list but kept to my rule of killing anyone who spots me. I honestly had no idea who had it, so I had to come on here to get help once I got stuck.

Fun ending to the elusive run. “Exit 47, stage left.”


yes it does, found it out the hard way :thinking: no SA for me :smiley:


Elusive Target #26 The Entertainer Poison Injection SA/SO (1:39)


Am I the only one that’s sad for the ET’s having ended?? :frowning:


For sure, but I’m looking forward to seeing whatever this new thing coming in August is. Torben said it will be good for streaming, has me curious.




3rd SA :smiley:


My first Fail :frowning:

Everything was going fine but i forgot i need an invite to the cafe and they shot me down.

Oh well, it happens.


Think i will stream this now on Twitch


I did it! not only that but I unlocked the winter suit! WOOOOOOOOOO!!! What a way to end season 1.


does the target eventually drink?


he drinks a cup of coffee on the rooftop fairly quick


My ET has glitch. I killed the target and subdued the woman with the tablet and picked it up, It gave Diana’s dialogue but it wont let me exit the mission. Any fix for it? dont want to fail the last et :frowning:


Shit I fucked up badly. I got something so extremly awesome, trained the strat for hours just to walk with a damaged propane flask into a smoking NPC.

I normally wouldn’t do this but I unlock the items I need with a second account now and do it again. The video will be worth it, and of course to penalize myself I will include the epic fail into the video. This gonna be a fun one! :smiley:


I ran around a lot, but SA/SO Drown :slight_smile:


Last ET another silent assasin rating


I’m totally fucked up at this mission because of bug: when I found a target, I’m knockout NPC and poison target’s drink, but few seconds later, non-target NPC stucked in texture, start to shake and… He died, and it was counted as non-target kill. I was soooo frustrated…


Elusive Target #26 - The Entertainer - Back To Basics (4:33)

The Back to Basics run is completed using nothing more than the default starting location, default gear (no unlocks), and anything else that can be found in the map.


I had some problems with my DVR sharing the pics on Xbox Live plus I was busy with college stuff but here is my run.
The equipment I bringed:

Finding Mr. Giggles was quicker than expected but even faster was to find out that he is a real douchebag who would either murder you or place the good old laxative prank:

After getting a bodyguard outfit from the guy puking close to the secret exit and a long time that mixes cleaning the roof with Giggles of NPCs and also looking for the PDA, I went into the café and the lady was starting to leave obvious everything with her conversations. A luring with the cellphone into the bathroom was all it took to get the item with the longest text in a prompt button in this game:

Doesn’t gets more specific than that. Anyway, ready with my trusty Signature Suit with Gloves, I went to Mr. Giggles once again and made him the proposal of a new show for his circus. It’s called “The Buckshot Puppet”. He was so happy that he dropped lot of coins and the key to the café in gratitude.

Just one more disappearing trick to avoid unwanted guests and finally left the stage in a vehicle that a clown would use to hang around.

@leet_it_b When you think that your time was unbearable to complete this ET, just remember this score screen.


Damn, what a colossal shit show. I managed to find where the target was, and even find lethal poison to put in his drink. I climbed into the terrace and managed to poison the target successfully… but then I made the mistake of trying to hide the body on the other side of the wall. I was caught dragging it, so a shoot out ensued. I managed to hold my ground, but ended up killing a lot of enemies (and even civilians that came to see what was happening in the terrace). I managed to change my desguise and elude the rest of the guards, but ended up not knowing where the fuck was the device with the guest list. I ended up infiltrating the VIP area of the cafe with a key that I found in the terrace, and deduced that the device had to be there (given that the guests over there were all holding tablets). However, while searching the place I ended up being spotted on restricted areas, and more chaos ensued. I also managed to hold off a few guards and escape to the outside, but given that I was still clueless about where the device was, I just ended up saying “fuck it” and started shooting at everybody like a maniac. I was eventually shot down by the military.