ET #26 "The Entertainer" 07/14/2017 (14/07/2017) (Final ET for season one)


If I get this right, I’ll get the Summer Suit with Gloves, Absolution Suit and Winter Suit.


If you arrange @GuLe’s videos in a certain order… this ET 26 feels a lot like those really messy and tense Hitman Final Mission things. :slight_smile:

This mission even features him communicating with other assassins remotely for intel. :stuck_out_tongue:

The part where @GuLe is talking to someone far away to figure out who has the Client List reminded me of this:

Question: In the meeting, what is the significance of the poisoned guy? Where does he go?
Also tagging @Euler13 … seems like Mr. Giggles had some interesting business going on.


Damn scenes like that always make me sad…


Assuming what I said is wrong since I didn’t see anything that make me said “awesome” about this ET. Then what the heck Travis is talking about.


Announcement trailer? :crossed_fingers:


They’ve alluded to something new coming in August, I think that’s what was getting Travis excited.


Target was ok, really bad ending tho.


Well, I did it!! My 26th SA :sunglasses:

As promised, I really decided to go out with a…

On “Mr.Giggles”

Not what I expected, but still a pretty good elusive imo. I really liked Diana’s dialogue after killing the target lol very fitting for the final one. I also was very happy to hear a “Goodfellas” reference with this target “Does my name amuse you!?” :joy: Fantastic!!

Well, I had a very memorable year, regarding the ET’s I had a lot of fun with them and very glad I SA’d all 26! Hope to see more in S2.


I had a great time on this one.
Gg @Travis_IOI and everyone involved.
Good times. :grin:


Here’s my play through - SA with Fibre Wire Kill - it is long but I wanted to include the whole experience - including any cool dialogue that I stumbled across throughout the mission.



Gah, failed the last one. (Will I have to stare at him & his big FAILED until season 2?) All fine to begin with. Put him to sleep by poisoning his drink, took out the guard on the upper deck, snapped the target’s neck & his them both in the box.
Headed to the vip lounge & took out a girl that had a tablet to see if it was the one I needed. Nope.
Tried taking out the pesky waiter who is an enforcer by luring him with a radio, instant turn around so punched & hid, annoying SA gone but still fine. Turn around bug after trying to subdue kong at the toilet(thought maybe he had the tablet) Nope
Released winch on roof but didn’t know it electrocuted the floor! Ran through it unsuspecting lol. DEAD & Failed :persevere:
Some bad luck & some bad judgement but I can laugh about it now. I have all my suits. :slight_smile:


The first ET experience still stands out to me as the most intense one - not because it was the hardest or the most interesting, but because I had no idea that restarting was a possibility.

Therefore I decided that I would end as I began - I jointed the “team no restarts” and took a single blind run. Getting the SA rating was a much sweeter reward than normal :slight_smile:

And that concludes the awesome ride that was Hitman season 1.


Not SA, but I got him with the fiber wire. Decided to do a live commentary/blind run. Wish I’d been more patient distracting the bodyguards on the roof. Still, Mr Giggles is no more and his client list has been retrieved. I liked what I saw of this ET and wish I had stayed a little longer and played a little more carefully to hear any more information on him.

Now I’m looking forward to Season 2 and some more ETs.


I somehow expected this one to be harder. Eventually I found Mr Giggles after becoming distracted with Mendola. Diana’s comment about the target meeting a Frenchman made me think he might have been incorporated into the mission somehow. Instead I just ended up wasting time. Anyway I snuck across the buildings to the rooftop where Mr Giggles was and subdued the waiter from behind the brick wall which he stands beside. Then I simply posioned the drink and followed Mr Giggles to the toilet. Two shots in the back, dead. It didn’t take long to identify the lady with the guestlist. The hardest part was actually finding another emetic posion, since I had already used one on Mr Giggles. Knocked her out in the bathroom and finished with SA intact.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed Season 1 and I can’t wait for more info regarding S2!



Killed the guy and got myself the SIGNATURE SUIT WITH GLOVES! :smiley: Luckily I didn’t fail any ET:s so unlocking it was possible.

I sniped the guy just for shits and giggles, I hadn’t sniped any ET:s before and there was a good spot at the rooftop where Kong and Mendola meet. Didn’t even need my BC:s nor the pistol. I guess I can say I got SA because that can also mean Sniper Assassin. :stuck_out_tongue: I wish I got exactly 100 000 points.

I never really like secondary objectives, but otherwise this was really nice ET to end the season.


Well I failed this. Did everything perfect. Got the tablet no issues, still SA so far, got myself lined up to take him out with a certain injection where nobody would have seen, equipped the syringe, the prompt to poison appeared so I pressed the button… but instead of injecting him 47 punched him!!! :rage: I’m so angry with the game now cos I needed this last one for my suit :pensive: not happy


I screwed up big time!
This would’ve been the funniest ET fail if I had captured it. Messed with the gas pipe in the Shisha Cafe using the wrench and blew myself up; i.e., forgot about the oil lamp. :rofl: :joy:


I think I like the idea of what they have been going for. Just extreme observation to locate the target.

I like how the hit is on an obvious npc but the intel is on a discrete npc who doesn’t need to be killed.

I really like this map anyway so it was a good time.

Gave him some rat posion and cracked his kneck in the stairwell. (I half expected some comments about how his own drink had been poisoned)

Did the faucet trick and money brought her to me in the bathroom.