ET #26 "The Entertainer" 07/14/2017 (14/07/2017) (Final ET for season one)


My run, SA) Finally, winter suit is mine !


Yes, it’s up there somewhere, along with a couple of other videos, but because the two separate threads got merged my recent posts - along with many others - now appear before posts over 2 days old. I’ll post it again, along with a couple of others that may have got missed. Sorry to anyone, if you’ve already seen them.

Elusive Target #26 - The Entertainer - Dialogue

Elusive Target #26 - The Entertainer - Suit Only Battleaxe (3:30)

Elusive Target #26 - The Entertainer - Suit Only Electrocution (3:25)


My run, nothing special :


Nice, thanks for the dialogue video. :smiley:

Lmao, there’s also that line I’ve been looking for, I laughed so hard the first time I heard it. :^D At 3:37 I mean.


Yeah, I had three captures of that entire conversation leading to the business man being poisoned, but that one was a winner because of the bodyguard’s line. :rofl:


Strangled with invisiwire when he went to sip his drink then dumped in the nearby container on the rooftop. 5/5, good ET. Liked the document retrieval part. Previously had poisoned his drink but I got wallhacked when I went to strangle him in the bathroom


Congrats man. Cutting it a bit close aren’t you? :slight_smile:


Since it is the last ET, i decided to do a run with roulette. I got this:

I decided to record my run, it was sloppy, fetch trick worked bad, but i still got SA and, more important, the Blood Money suit!

Thanks @Pagan for the target lockdown ducky throw, made it much easier


Now I can live with my ET #26 run, after the roof “accident” fiasco :grinning:

Here is quite easy and fast way to get SA without “Target Lockdown”

Elusive Target #26

I followed him for ages. He goes and vomits in a bin near the consulate and then walks around the bazaar looking at items. I was trying to find somewhere quiet to pacify him (because I thought at that point he was carrying the list) but he just continues to walk among the crowd at the bazaar.


Not sure if this has been noted yet, but if you don’t wait for the Unnoticed kill message to show up on the screen before leaving, you wont get SA. This just happened to me on PS4 and I didn’t get SA for this ET. I tested this on PC right after with the exact same run and I got SA after waiting for the unnoticed kill message.


This has been known to happen for a while. I think it was put in place to avoid a player setting up the bait and waiting near an exit, and then exiting immediately once Diana announces the target is dead. I am unsure why this is the case.


Ah, so I’ve been out of the loop it seems. I already had the summer suit w/ gloves unlocked on PS4, so I’m not stressing too much over this, but still…sucks that this happens


Oh wow that does suck… and on an elusive target on top of it :confused:

Yeah I remember a while ago somebody mentioned it and ever since then, (especially during Elusives) I wait for the unnoticed kill. I’m glad I found out at a time where no Elusives were going on lol I would have been so mad if I got screwed like that!


Well, i have all the suits, so i aint that mad about it…but still. It annoys me I didnt get SA.


Oh yeah, same here. I don’t care about the suits though, I would of been more pissed about not getting SA even though it should of been lol but yeah, that sucks man.


Elusive Target #26 - The Entertainer - Dialogue (Extra Footage)

This video contains extra footage from the final elusive target, The Entertainer, set in Marrakesh by Night. It now includes all the phone calls made by Mr. Giggles’ personal assistant (some of which I missed in the original video) and a guide to show where the French businessman goes after Giggles poisons his coffee. Nothing of great interest really happens with him, which is why I didn’t include this in the original dialogue video. But for the sake of completeness, and to satisfy the curiosity of those who asked, I thought it was worth including the footage in this video. After visiting the first market stall he will continue in the same infinite loop. He never returns to the meeting place.

N.B. If you’re wearing the waiter outfit, then he will go to the toilet in the outside area of the Shisha café. Otherwise he will go to the bin outside the walls of the market place.


You can throw a brick at him while he’s vomiting into the bin (nobody will see). But it is useless… He carries nothing on him. One of the first things I tried on recon run. :slight_smile:


At this rate, it would be really cool if in S2 there is dialogue about a Recordskeeper and the guy happens to be named “Euler”.

Even as just a throwaway line like: “You have to check with Euler down at Archives for records.” :stuck_out_tongue:


The clown has expired, the money has been wired.

Exit 47, stage left.