ET #26 "The Entertainer" 07/14/2017 (14/07/2017) (Final ET for season one)


I had really dismissed all thought of there being dogs or any other animals in this game. But on the slight chance that there will be dogs in season 2: what a fantastic and hilarious way to introduce them! Dropping a few dogs in the final ET would be mind-blowing and an awesome little hint about what’s upcoming next season.

(Although, I kinda hate killing dogs in video games and kinda hate that it’s such a staple of video games, so part of me hopes that we won’t get any.)


Dogs would be weird indeed, I somehow can’t put them into the concept.

But as long they dont fuck with cats I am fine with anything.


So far the animals I have seen in this game are pidgeons, a kraken, rats, various insects and fish. For cats and dogs I think you only get noises in the background for Sapienza and Marrakesh.


The good thing is that the only flasks on that map are far away, so we might see some more interesting speedruns this time.


How funny would it be if they reused the dogs from Blood Money? :laughing:



Never again. Those count as witnesses and can call the guards.


is this for real? are there actual expectations of dogs or npc on npc combat? that would be pretty legit


Ha yeah, I remember…
I doubt we will see any dogs in this one anyway. (I’d really be surprised if there were.) but hey, ya never know…


NPCS can’t even fight between them. Just expect something in the video briefing like the pic of the two guys fighting and that’s it.


Most likely…
Maybe even a photo of the bull dog from Absolution (if anything) but again, I doubt it.


I like this conversation :+1:


1 question, Final ET is called “Clown” or “Freak”


I think it’s officially The Freak. I wrote clown aswell just to make it more clear the target is a clown. I’ll remove it now that it’s clear.


10-4 (20fuckingcharssssss)


It’s two mascots in dog suits fighting.


The briefing doesn’t suggest at all that we will be seeing that, it’s a description of the clown’s background before the mission. Like it says, they’re not sure why he’s in Marrakech (and they’d surely know why if his fight club was there).


Codename “The Freak” could suggest that he has body deformities


hey man!

Don’t disrespect my childhood like that. That’s not a dog

That’s Barney man-get it right!


And the other’s a bird suit guy. :stuck_out_tongue:
I can’t find a video of two dog mascot guys in a punch up. :stuck_out_tongue:


To be very honest, I think the leaked ‘DJ’ elusive target would be better for the final one of the season. Imagine a big DJ booth with dancing NPC’s at this location:

Would be a cool way to end this period. A big party, everyone going crazy and shit. Loud music that you can hear all over the map (with landslide effect; the further you walk, the more quiet it gets). :musical_note:

But, a freak/clown with a weird ass performance would be cool too, and funny. :clown_face: