ET #26 "The Entertainer" 07/14/2017 (14/07/2017) (Final ET for season one)


Now that we have seen this ET, I really want to say that while it isn’t too complex with the route, it has an interesting backstory and blends in with the map without any problem.
I said it before but, this guy has Hitman: Contracts vibe given his sadistic personality and his business being of the most horrid and sick you could find. Him and The Warlord have to be the most ruthless and cruel ETs we had for this season.


These two are actually the one’s I would’ve love to be main targets. The warlord is a black mother figure like character while she’s actually a very dangerous person. And the entertainer is well dressed crazy guy with heavy facial tattoo’s and sadistic backstory. Both, we haven’t seen in the franchise before.


I think we have seen cruel targets in the past before. These are the cruelest of this season imo. They are very well written though.


I’d put The Angel of Death in there as well, she did kill the Headmaster.


Some of these targets are excellently written. I loved Nne Obara especially but The Guru, The Angel Of Death and The Entertainer are all interesting as well. Others however were hugely disappointing, notably The Paparazzo, The Identity Thief, The Blackmailer, The Chameleon and worst of all the Fugitive (who had lots of potential).


Why I did not get the SA-rank?


Because Mr Giggles was a noticed kill, legshot + kill in the last kill results in getting noticed kills.


Sorry offtopic, but why this legshot + kill gets SA-rank?


That’s an accident.
Legshot + Non-Accident kills = Noticed kill
Legshot + Accident kill = SA
Legshot + KO = SA


But why my ET #26 should be non-accident. It is legshot + accident kill (dropped from the roof)


I think it’s because he died after the end of the fall animation, not during. So noticed kill.


A final detail that I also enjoyed quite a lot for this ET is the ambiguity of the client. We know the client wanted Mr. Giggles dead and also the list of clients from his circus of depravity, but why? Maybe the client is kinda a vigilante that wanted to end Mr. Giggles performances of brutality and also get all the clients from him into justice or maybe the client is in the same business as Giggles and just wanted to get rid of any competition. That’s cool to think of a work like a hitman.


Fugitive was E.T. 25 right? Yeah he was super disappointing. I love the concept but character wise they could have so much more.


Didn’t have the patience to figure out where the client list was after scouring every inch of the map. I just watched a video. 3/5 Hitman logos.


Exactly why I have such a love/hate relationship with this game and can never score it higher than a 4/5 as a result :stuck_out_tongue:


Here is my video: I made it special as it is the last ET for quite some time for us! May I introduce you:

The flying Big One kill! @Travis_IOI

Video contains three things: My failure where I lost the ET with my usual account, my success with another account I made last night and a longer insight how I got this kill working. Have fun! :slight_smile: Video description contains a little more information. Most of it is in the video.

⏱ ELUSIVE TARGETS (Mission Accomplished) ONLY

That’s the best ET kill ever and that was fucking amazing, well done. I’ve done my dabbling with flying big ones but only for distractions.

Also lmao at that lamp mention hehe


Did anyone try to destroy the cupthe poisoned dude drinks and see if the conversation still happens?


This is why i love this game, physics rules are very consistent and replicable.


That was good time with Hitman :slight_smile: