ET #26 "The Entertainer" 07/14/2017 (14/07/2017) (Final ET for season one)


I did. Surprisingly it is not destroyable by throwing a brick against it, but a shot against it does and then later interrupts the conversation at the point where the guy is supposed to drink it. He then just leaves. (Or goes back to the upper part of the roof? Forgot that)


I have seen this bug, too. I suspect that this non-prompt falling from the roof is not a fall accident actually. For example you can make the golf teacher in Sapienza fall down the cliff to, just because his body slips down. He then is not dead. So if everything had went “well” in your run, Giggles had been alive after falling down the roof.

Whatever have killed him, it was not a technical accident. My guess is that the struggle took so long that he was rendered dead. I guess this is how it works. In your video the fall death should have happen right when he slipped over, but it took several seconds for the kill the happen.

EDIT: Same bug:


Elusive Target #26 - The Entertainer - Dialogue

This was a really good ET in terms of kill opportunities and some excellent dialogue. The only kill which could not be achieved without really going out of your way would be a fire accident kill. Everything else is pretty easy to manipulate. I decided not to include the lockdown because it has been done by enough other people during the runs they’ve uploaded, and it doesn’t introduce any new dialogue I could find.

I did capture some really funny dialogue when he makes a phone call, but it seems to be glitched. I heard one or two during my early reconnaissance, but didn’t position myself well to capture it, thinking I’d grab them later. However, I discovered to my frustration that, after making the “camel” call, most of the time he will just wander between the upper and lower levels texting and not making any phone calls. But after a lot of restarts and persistence I eventually managed to get them, so I hope you enjoy. (@Torben_IOI [what, no account here?!]: You’ll be please to know that I captured your fishy call! :wink:)

@Travis_IOI, @Torben_IOI: Great ET (well done, Torben) and a fitting tribute to a wonderful game concept. Looking forward to season 2. Out of interest, @Torbjorn_IOI, did you do the voicing of The Entertainer?


Well … it looks like I became victim of some kind of bug.

Observed these guys in front of the carpet shop:

So I had to make my way up to the shop:

Sorry mate but I need your clothes:

This should work:

“Oh my god! He’s got a heart attack!”:


The ET was great. But what the hell is this “Non-Target kill”? It’s the only thing what fucked up my rating.


Then what about my death by ko run on the fugitive? The death doesn’t occur immediately but a good few seconds later, when he actually hits the mountain below.

The thing is, we don’t know what happens in his video as we can’t see what actually happened. It’s possible he got wallhacked and the kill (crime) was noticed.

Was it attempted again on another account?


Wasn’t you Fugitive ko-kill based on the Spa killplane? There is no killplane in Marrakesh (besides the well’s bottoms I guess)


Nope. It was when you go outside and want to go down the pipe to take the curators device. I KO’d him there.

Here’s the vid in case you missed it. But how does this not equal to the same results for him?


Okay I am not sure if it is a killplane what killed the Fugitive there but a difference would be you actual KO and his legshot. Legshots are a weird thing these days, easy to give it the fault…


Because falling down the cliff in Hokkaido is treated differently then just falling down from a building to the ground.


I’ll have to test this out in both scenarios. If you’re right, then that’s what happened. If you’re wrong, I’m guessing he got wallhacked on the gunshot.


Like that could ever happen, please :stuck_out_tongue:


What are there two threads for this ET?


Two suit only runs.

Elusive Target #26 - The Entertainer - Suit Only Battleaxe (3:30)

Elusive Target #26 - The Entertainer - Suit Only Electrocution (3:25)


I think you’re mistaking me for Torben, who is involved in making the elusive targets :slight_smile: My name is Torbjørn (Yes very similar) and I’m the Lead Level Designer at IOI, responsible for making the game locations and missions.


Oops! Sorry about that. :blush: I’ll edit the post; although I’ve just discovered that Torben has no account here!?! But at least it gives me a chance to offer my personal thanks to you. You and the team have crafted what I consider to be the best game I’ve ever played. Can’t wait to see what you have in store for us in season 2. Thank you! :clap:


Huh. Despite having my own quirks with the game, have my no-bullshit thanks because the environments you did are pretty sick. Now with the serious out of the way, do you don a viking beard, build turrets and create armor too?


I wish the AI was consistent :stuck_out_tongue:
Hate having to relearn the rules almost every update they get…head-turning pissed me right off since its been added and changed


Final ET for season 1!!


That’s Entertaaaaainment


Two objectives, huh?