ET #26 "The Entertainer" 07/14/2017 (14/07/2017) (Final ET for season one)



Isn’t he on Kong’s rooftop?


yes there


„Client list”?
Maybe leading into season two?


I know they had to stop sometime and concentrate on Season 2 but I am going to miss these ET’s each month


Shame it couldn’t be an actual clown. Oh well. Hyped anyhow, and curious over anything.


Actually I believe the target is standing on one of the balconies (that aren’t accessible). The structure just to his right doesn’t match with the meeting rooftop,and neither does the railing in front of him.


Two objectives? And Marrakesh bonus mission location? Any chance it’ll play out this way?
Mr Giggles = Mr Matthieu Mendola (he was a good entertainer too!)
Client List = Company documents


I like the looks of his design. I was expecting a clown, but clowns are played out… Grand Guignol is much scarier!


Sad to see this is the last one :frowning: , was hoping for much more and as someone who doesn’t care about escalations and contracts, i don’t have anything to look out for, other than news of Season 2 and game updates.

Will try to make a perfect hit with this one, i haven’t missed/failed any Elusive thus far, don’t want to mess up now :wink:


You don’t see his face. He could have clown paint on. Maybe a mime? Torben talked about a clown so I think he will be just that. That hat kinda gives it away.


Maybe he’ll have a curly moustache…


Something like this. As you see, suit and hat. Kinda like the joker.


Is he supposed to be a game maker or something?


Assuming this tweet is about the final ET, there might be something special about it.


Would be cool to unveil season 2 in game! Don’t hold your breath though.


Or maybe they’re hinting at a possible update regarding season 2? It’d be about time.


That would be very cool but like you say, don’t hold your breath, I’m personally not expecting any solid news about Season 2 until very late this year or early next at best. Be great if I’m wrong though!


Has anyone got any tips for getting into the shoe shop and its back yard without being spotted (on AHBOS)? I’m pretty comfortable with most of the Marrakesh night map, but I’m rubbish at the locked-down shoe shop area so if either the target or the client list (secondary objective) are in there then I could be in trouble.

Your advice gratefully received! :grinning:


The forklift distracts the shopkeeper and you can easily sneak behind the lady.