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Yeah but there’s a lot of misdirections in that trailer, it has been done on purpose i think.


Well it kinda makes sense that there are new walkers? just like our own Military history, our weapons are all build on old designs, just improved. So it makes sense the new Gorilla Walkers aka. AT-M6 walkers exists.

From what i can see Crait isn’t really a snow planet, it’s a mining planet and old Resistance Base. If the White stuff is snow, then it’s still pretty far from Hoth or even Ilum. It looks drastically different then the other two planets, it looks more barren.

Well i think this is a bit on the nose to be honest, you could as well say Blasters? ✓ Lightsabers? ✓ or Spaceships ? ✓. The fact it’s not another creature you can mount and cut up to save the heroes life, should be enough of a difference. It’s a new fox like creature, i think that’s special enough not to hammer it with oh lame more Tauntaun or it’s another Wampa. Adding another never before seen creature should only expand the universe and not make it smaller, like if it actually was a Tauntaun.

It’s Star Wars, it always been about destiny. It’s the hero journey and it always been that, that is what separates the Saga films from the Star Wars Stories.

I doubt it’s the case, Disney would shoot them self pretty much in the foot by doing this. Since day one they said that it would be a darker film, but not a rehash of Empire. Also i think a Director like Rian Johnson is the wrong director for that kind of job, you could say that TFA need to play on familiar strokes, because it had to restore the faith in the franchise after the pre-quels. Not saying it couldn’t go this way, but i doubt it.

That said of course it’s going tread on familiar ground, it’s Star Wars. George Lucas always said that it rhymes and it’s designed to, i think the day the saga fims stop doing that is the day Star Wars isn’t true to it’s concept and itself.

You see the echo of where it all is gonna go

It’s like poetry, sort of. They rhyme.

This comes from the creator himself :wink:


I refuse to believe all these callbacks are necessary when crafting a Star Wars film. Sure, it’ll be a darker experience, but it all feels far too familiar. The trailer endeavored to affirm people’s expectations, yet it continues to tread ground which doesn’t exactly scream ingenuity.

I’ve never seen Star Wars as necessarily a hero’s journey, but rather an adventure which plunges us into the age-old struggle of good versus evil. Luke Skywalker wasn’t special in any prophetic sense, he was very much an ordinary guy who became driven to the Rebel cause. The convoluted ‘chosen one’ nonsense of Anakin came much later with the prequels. Ordinary, everyday people striving to do good is more raw and powerful than cloaking your character with a predetermined, manufactured destiny of a supernatural nature.

Thematically, it’s always about this struggle, but you don’t need to be dry of genuinely original ideas to explore this. Sadly, what they’ve decided to show in the trailer is too similar to what we’ve already seen in the saga. It’s as if they’re deliberately trying to rekindle our fondness for Empire with the imagery. It’s this approach which makes me skeptical of just how effective The Last Jedi will be as an original story.

I hope I’m wrong.


CGI doesn’t look that great? Also, is Chewbacca CGI now?


Well it’s a trailer, normally what is shown in trailers are not fully done. It could very well be a trailer that was created before they where done with everything. That said i don’t see a problem with it.

I think this is due to the fact that Peter Mayhew isn’t capable to play Chewbacca anymore, he barely was in the TFA and was only in suit in very few scenes. Joonas Suotamo a Finish Basketball player is playing chewbaca now and did for most scenes in TFA as well.

I found it easy to spot his scenes in the TFA, because Chewbaca’s eyes changes. I think that is why it looks odd.

To be honest, watching the trailer doesn’t really remind me of Empire, i can see why it could remind some of that film. But i’m not closed off to the notion that it could be close to Empire. But i believe that it will be different, especially because Rain Johnson is such a different director in style then J.J. It was J.J that pushed the idea that TFA needed to be the way it was. But i guess the ultimate test will come in the cinema.

Well that is more or less Classic good vs Evil Fantasy story telling.

Well this is pretty much what the Hero Journey is, a normal run of the mill guy is caught up in larger then life events and through a wiser mentor he becomes what he’s destine to become.


Honestly, I’ve heard this a lot before and when I go see the film, it’s really the same as in the trailer.

In the trailer his face looks weird, especially the mouth.


I remember when the first trailer to Rise of the Planet of the Apes, Jurassic World and Avatar hit there was a noticeable difference in the CGI shown in the trailer and what we got. But as i said i can’t seem to spot the problem with the CGI.

Hm i don’t think they went with CGI, because Joonas Suotamo is playing chewbaca in The Han Solo movie again. Havn’t been able to find him in the Last Jedi, other then Peter Mayhew being credited for the role. That said i think he looks odd as well, but that’s more to do with the eyes.


If people doubt weather or not to watch the newest trailer, you should not fear to be spoiled by the latest trailer, that is if you take the words of Rian Johnson.

“A year ago, maybe even more than that, my producer Ram [Bergman] and I sat down with the folks at Lucasfilm and said, ‘OK, this is what we’re going to reveal here and there, and this stuff we’re never going to reveal until the movie comes out.’ We came up with a ‘no-fly list’ of, under no circumstances is this shown or that shown,” says Johnson. “It is a fascinating process. It’s something that for me, just having been a fan my whole life, suddenly being behind the curtain and seeing how it works and seeing how deliberate it is, has been really fascinating.”



Why do people think Chewie look weird? His mouth always moved like that.


It’s not like they changed anything, but sometimes seeing characters/people from different perspectives can make them look odd or off. In this case we are seeing Chewie in a lower angle while “roaring” we havn’t really seen this angle before now. Plus his eyes are different, i’m sure those are not the eyes of Peter Mayhew.

But then again we all see different things and experience different things, which in this case could be why some of us think he looks off and while you don’t.


Mouth is not cgi

Clearly is in this trailer


Already confirmed by the director on Twitter that it’s not CGI. What looks computer animated to you…?


I’m not saying they didn’t use the costume or anything, but the mouth is definitely cgi


Like I said, director said no cg was involved. It moves no differently from the other mask. It just opens and shows the teeth, why would cg be needed for something so easily accomplished with a mask.


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Do anyone else see Vader in the new Poster? Not that he’s physically present, but his silhouette exist inside the poster. Apparently i’m not the only one who sees it.

I think it’s intentional that the poster have been arranged like that, especially because the two other trilogies have been about the rise and fall of Vader.


I have to say i never liked new trilogy. 1 and 2 were not really good. Part 3 was best one and pretty good movie


How can you say that the Last Jedi wasn’t good? it havn’t even been released in theaters. Unless you are calling the prequels for the “New Trilogy”, it would even be a stretch before TFA was released, since it began in 1999.


Yes the prequels


Well, no one likes the prequels. There have only been two truly great Star Wars movies.