Everything STAR WARS! [Spoiler tags mandatory]


He did something different with the main story itself, but the film still felt the exact same tonally. It’s like this, all three of these new SW movies are made of plastic. Rian took that plastic and melted it down, formed it into something different, unconventional and kind of ugly. But it’s still plastic.


See this is my problem with the Star Wars fanbase and Hitman fanbase, the creators can’t win. That much is clear, they will never be able to please everyone and to be honest I don’t think they should even try.

  • The Prequels where to different and had little of the originals charms.

  • TFA delivers on what we whined about since 1999, that is also a problem.

  • TLJ it’s different and not in the same tone as TFA…Outrage, it’s the damn prequels all over again.


Speaking for Star Wars, I think they shouldn’t have made these new movies at all. They exist to pander to an obsessive, religion-like fandom that Disney knew would give them billions. The guy who cared about these movies, Lucas, is done. He legally has no more tie to this franchise, and he even called Disney “white slavers”. In 20 years, Disney will pump out another brand new SW trilogy and it will feel eerily reminiscent of modern times. Oh wait, they already are planning a minimum 8 new Star Wars movies, six of those being two separate trilogies. Star Wars should have stayed dead, but now it will live as a Frankenstein-style walking corpse for eternity until the sun goes out or we all explode in nuclear hellfire.


You can’t really take what Lucas says for good, he changes his mind as he goes. Hell he was even working on a new trilogy more then once time and again before the sale to Disney.

I get that not everyone likes the new movies and that is alright. But I still find joy in the new movies and think Disney have treated the franchise alright so far.


I find this to be a very interesting video on the SW community


Have you guys seen this?