Funny Pictures/Video Thread





47 Seems pleased with the new elusive target that Diana informed him about. :wink:


fuuuuuuuck :laughing:


Lol :joy: ALL YOU HAD TO DO WAS TO NOT EAT SO MUCH FOOD CJ! btw you should check out FlyingKitty :grin: he makes great videos on gta SA, here’s an example


Good old GTA SA… gotta love this over the top ghetto gangsta nonsense


Mom finds 8th graders Spotify playlist :


Like that mum, it’s a good mom :stuck_out_tongue: . Looks hot too. That’s horrible music to be honest.


“Your shit don’t mean shit around here”


“I couldn’t find the fucking MEMES I buried, so I’m making my own. It’s easy fool”


Give this man a noble prise


I want full version with sound



Here you go @OKIGorgon


Hahaha great vid!

Off-topic: what are they protesting about?


Holy shit, Donald Trump is correct about something for once.


Sorry for more Trump but

actually nah im not sorry, this is funny, fuck y’all




Pro tip

Hitler did nothing wrong

I’m only cleaver in two fields and non of them are useful


This video is so sarcastic I almost feel insulted by it.

Honestly right after the “important videos” playlist this is the funniest shit I’ve seen all week. Thanks Mads.