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They probably did, that’s most likely why they named it The Big One "it’s because of ‘Toy Story’ people say?? BULL! They just lucked out on that coincidence. :joy:


Stolen from reddit. Streamer gets a donation, but has to play the videoclip attached to it.


That’s definitely in Korea


He looks so betrayed at the end.


I can’t get over the fact that he was about to burst out laughing for a second, then goes into “oh shit” mode.


Wikipedia trolls

Elon tax








LOOOOL I can totally relate



Well I do agree with parts of it. Why would it be funny?


World War 3 is coming. India is the greatest danger to the world. Ban plastic bags. More community gardens. Bring back the guillotine. It’s just fucking bonkers.

What parts do you agree with?


For once I’m gonna be that guy that brings up Donald Trump.

Poor Heisenberg must be depressed after the election.


Thanks to proper education on nutrition, general medicine advances and all around scientific investigation, people are indeed increasing their life expectancies tremendously compared to the past decades. Simultaneously, highschool education is mandatory in most of the countries we live in, but for example my grandparents, none of them went to high school, only elementary school was trully mandatory. So now people require higher degrees of preparation to enter most jobs, and that means more years studying and less years working. To that, add several counties well-implemented politics on public healthcare (such as England or Spain). Ultimately I have to agree, people should start retiring past their 70s. However to put this like “people are becoming far too old” is fucking extremist. Seems like advocating for some sort of mandatory authanasya, well, she already has no issue with it… it is sickening.

I had no idea public toilets were not a thing on the UK, I wonder why, and I’m not sure it should stay that way.

Also, the “ban plastic bags” thing would be impossible overnight, but I agree that politics that help to systematically reduce their use should be implemented, particularly in nations that do not have proper recycling policies (like, when I was in Spain you had specific trash containers for organic wastes, metal, plastic… etc. Here we don’t). I do not think it would be so hard to do for people to, for example, carry their own bags to the supermarkets or use carts or bags. Then again, “ban” them overnight is also tremendously extremist.

And I also did not fully understans the whole “all classes should have a classroom deal”. Afaik, in the USA high schools and in most colleges worldwide, that is how it is. Funny that it was not my case, teachers had to be the ones that moved around. Never understood why, would be nice to hear an explaination since the alternative to this seems to work just fine.

Death penalty is a tremendously controversial topic. Even more if this women has the boldness of promoting decapitations, which could potentially mean she also desires publuc executions. See, I do not support neither. They are irrevocably wrong for a hundred reasons. But every now and then they’re fair. So I can’t say I’m entirely against them either. But come on, UK doesn’t even have gun permissions or its citizens, that I know of, so why impose death penalty there? To kill all muslims basically? Seems what she would approve.

India has nukes, but that is about it. They hate Pakistan, but that’s about it. That comment was bullshit.

All other opinions, I do not agree with. And even some of the ones I elaborated on are put on an extremist context.


Well we’ve already moved to reduce our plastic bag consumption in the UK -
Supermarkets now have to charge 5p per plastic bag instead of handing them
out, which has massively reduced the number used in Supermarkets. It
dropped from 7.6 billion to 640 million in a year. That’s both a huge
benefit to the environment and an indictment of how stingy us Brits are!

The thing that makes the above image funny is how the candidate (who is
standing for a local council seat in Scotland, so not someone with an awful
lot of power) begins their pitch by talking about how we are heading for
World War 3, European education systems are failing, cataclysmic events are
on the horizon and India being a threat to global stability

  • Before switching focus to cutesy local issues such as having more
    community gardens.- And then she rounds it off by proposing decapitation as
    a method of execution. It’s hilariously varied and utterly bonkers, and
    sounds like something a drunk guy down the pub would say.


funny video ;]



this gon be good

goes to google translate

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