Funny Pictures/Video Thread


Wow, I must say I’m shocked how google translate is shitty on translating things


Feel free to provide a more accurate one then!


I’m not shocked. Not even one bit. Been dealing with it for a long time. Just look at these examples:

Bottom line, google works for translating words. Put just two words together, and it explodes.


There is a large probability it will only hurt your feelings so maybe don’t hassle yourself over some silly post
just forget it


Nah go on, you’ve got me curious now. You can PM me!!


Stop it now before it goes any further. We don’t need this thread being locked again. Pretty please, with a cherry on top!


I could, but I’ll be propably banned after translating this, and I like this forum a lot, so let’s stop it now
and I deleted this post


Quinn I had no idea you had a thing for trumpets! Play something for us :slight_smile:


PM me the translation and I promise not to report it. I am more curious about it as time goes on






I wonder if this is shitposting or not.



Going to repost my favorit thing on the internet because it’s May the 4th

May 4th be with you.



No I’m fine, thanks though


Good one
Breaking Bad rules



10/10 - IGN