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Step 1 Prank dad


Honestly, seeing those people laughing and celebrating as they take away healthcare from millions of Americans is enough to make the blood boil. Fuckers.

Meanwhile, in UK politics…



I already knew this because of Hitman.



Here is a montage I created for my pick of the Top 10 Funniest Kills from Hitman 2016 Season 1! Apologies in advance for the banjo - but you have to set the scene, you know? :laughing:


Bringing back the guillotine?!


Time stamped.





Why did the dinosaur cross the road??
Cause the chicken hadn’t had evolved then!



Troll4Lyfe :sunglasses:
PS I know the joke was lame, I was bored…

Why did the bird fly to the library??
It was looking for a bookworm :grin:




I thought this was hilarious :joy: This poor guy cannot access nearby toilet rooms because they’re locked at this time, so he has to trek all the way to the apartment where I let him suffer through the vomiting while we BOTH suffer through that song in the process. :sweat_smile:
WARNING - Excessive close up animated vomiting :laughing:


my first thought to that was

“So I guess the shaving thing is catching on.”


This is so random and funny: