Funny Pictures/Video Thread


Some cats comes home with mice and dead birds, but this cat does not that:

This cat is stealing garden gloves, dishwashing cloths etc from the neighbours:

So the norwegian owner of this cat is now asking if someone misses some of this stuff :joy:.


My cats steal the underwear of my grandmother, and sometimes they steal my bears aswell. They have very collection habits.


Hahaha underwear is fine, but not your bears, maybe fill the bears with lead so they can’t drag the bears away :thinking: but maybe they would rip them a part instead, the best is to lock your door i think :joy:.

My friends cat came home with dead birds and put it under his bed, so he had to clean under his bed quite often :joy:.


Cats will take anything as their property and then leave it but as soon as you get it back, they go for it again. Still, loveable little critters. These days they have being hunting lots of cockroaches.





ayy. new Hot Fuzz looks sick



She’s Just Not That Into You. Friend zoned I feel your pain buddy well used to. Now I have a wife and two kids. YEAH BUDDY! Great video though the guy was doing his best.



“well it seems we both got autism haven’t we?”

haha stop right there



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@AGENT_58 @Niobium Careful not to cut yourselves on all that edge.


The faces of the press Corp while listening to Sean Spicer talk are priceless


fake but funny


Ha I would have believed it up until the “salty as hell”

No way they are that self aware.


They might be salty as hell but I still love those fries. Collesterol and fat never tasted so good.



“Patriots” getting crazy is always funny.
Here’s my fave