Funny Pictures/Video Thread



um try again sweaty (:


Hey, it’s Lando!



0:35 tho



I need some help guys

How do you do, fellow adult?


@YourGudBudNel @05prash05 @StealthShadow hey have you guys seen this?


I did now. It’s wicked that the video has that many views in my opinion. :slight_smile:
While you’re at it, also read about how much money the video has made.


Loved the first one, because I’m still laughing at something an acquaintance of mine said last night on the PSN chat.


I really hate how this bullshit trends so much in India but videos made by us(I’ve seen your channel) hardly get any views :unamused: I recently made a video about her


I’ve replayed that so many times now and 0:35 cracks me up each time!


Yes, that’s really unfortunate. I cannot quite fathom the number of views such videos end up with. A possible, but very minuscule, saving grace is that her video content, although being terrible and extremely annoying, is entirely her own. Our videos, or at least mine, are work over existing wonderful content already developed by a set of teams. :wink:




You tottally nailed it mate!


that shit is straight fire!


The real scroll of truth indeed.






Whoever says they play HITMAN for plot is lying. :triumph::triumph::ok_hand::sweat_drops::peach: