Funny Pictures/Video Thread



man this is AMAZING :smiley:
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I honestly don’t know if this has been posted before… but I just re-watched Team America for the first time in years tonight and Kim Jong Ill’s hilarious death scene instantly reminded me of Abbiati’s steeple kill. No apologies if I’ve spoiled Team America for you, if I have … you’re 13 years too late :smirk:


Devolvers Presentation from E3. On point

Shit this is funny

“Tomorrow’s unethical business practises today!”


Old as the internet itself but still pure gold.


Whatcha doing?
Just chiiiiiillin


It even features 47 I think :smiley: as the gunman


Don’t remember 47 being black :thinking:


really entertaining.

I like how it was a random guy in a rockstar jacket and 47.


:laughing: :laughing:


But why would she need lotion and tissue on her table?


hmmmm, good question :laughing:

here’s another one


MRW two Hollywood phonies try to give me their autographs




Actual gameplay representation in machinima. This doesn’t happen often.


From People of Wal-mart



LMAO @7:44 :laughing:

wish they bring this old humor back in the new splinter cell :smiley:





Get your napkins lmao. Painfully sore. Wtf is the owner a porn star?