Funny Pictures/Video Thread


Don’t you mean busted?


That was the most appropiate term but I got the image from a Whatsapp group. Only looking the face of the woman is worthy.


Naw, lol he is for sure dead


The more you know



sometimes accidents happen…


Lmao. Would be even more funny if it was an ET :smiley:


Quebec’s diversity parade


I think this just got Kill of the season. Sorry @GuLe. Hay bale now in second.


I’m dying on this one :laughing:



So I just got an intern job for the next semester.


From the makers of Shake Weight

That will teach them


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Remember kids, fascism is a loser ideology


Dude, I completely LOST IT at ( 1:30 ) :joy::joy::joy:

“Oh, do I like get a second chance to…” BANG!!

LMFAO!! The worker guys face when it turns red hahahaha!!!

Good stuff…


Deleted post since the original was deleted


Haven’t you heard? Institutional violence against activists and protestors is really funny now. Guffaw Guffaw.

Having done some looking into this video, it appears to have taken place in Venezuela. Probably not very funny for our regular member(s) who are from there.


It is. That is definetelly the Francisco Fajardo highway near Las Mercedes. Besides, some people in the background have our flag. The government calls those vehicles “The Whales”. Pretty damn frequent.


First off, I just saw the video and shared it because this “remix” was funny. However, I didn’t know what it was really from at first tbh. Now that I know, I will definitely delete it.

Second, I’m all for protesting. But the “protestor” in the video threw a rock at the truck that sprayed them. It’s funny how some protesters protest, in the name of peace, but yet disturb the peace themselves…

As I said, I’m all for protesting, but there is a right way to do it and how it was displayed in the video was not it.

Again, I honestly didn’t know what it really was at the time, but I will delete it now.