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peaceful protesting is nice and all, but it’s too bad that in many peaceful protests that actually try to bring about meaningful change, it’s the police that initiate the violence. how is there a “right” way to protest, when you are being beaten and pepper sprayed for non-violent protesting having never initiated the violence in the first place?

pacifism is overrated.

this post will probably get deleted, along with all of these other posts. but i wanted to give my 2c. this is the only post i will make on this subject


Oh no, I definitely see what you’re saying and I completely agree. Unfortunately, Police are sometimes the ones who initiate the violence and that is indeed a shame.

I’m just saying sometimes it’s the protestors as well. For example, throwing a rock at a truck. That’s what I meant by ‘there is a right and wrong way to protest’ and doing that (in my eyes) is not the way to get ones points across.

But yeah, I don’t wanna turn this “funny” thread into a huge debate. I admit I should have looked more into what I was posting and I didn’t. As a result, after finding out what it really was, I deleted it. I’m sorry if I offended anyone, that was not my intention.


Yeah, and to me that still doesn’t justify what happened. The guy threw a rock at an armoured vehicle. In return, the armoured vehicle threw a waterfall at him. One of these things is not like the others…

It’s so weird to me when people celebrate and laugh at state coordinated violence against protesters, yet shake their heads when these same protesters do something that could be considered aggressive. Heck, even when they don’t, they still can’t win - That Kaepernick fella was constantly lectured on “the right way to protest” and all he did was refuse to stand for the national anthem. Positively benign.

Anyway we are going off topic now so i’ll briefly reiterate that property damage can’t possibly equate to the damage done to people.


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Lol you both are taking what I said WAYY out of context…

I’m not “celebrating” anything… I’m not saying what either did was right. I even said I had no idea what this video was about until after. I simply just laughed at how the “remix” of this video was with the music and all.

Hell, I would have laughed if it happened to someone other than the protestor. Like I said I didn’t know what this video was about at the time, I simply just thought it “looked” funny. I didn’t laugh cause it happened to the protesters themselves. Really? Are you guys serious??? What’s your guys’ problem??

I said it was in bad taste that I posted it and I really should have looked more into it before I posted it… MY BAD…

So yeah, before you say I’m “celebrating” or “laughing” at the protestors, themselves, I suggest you read my post above…

@Supernova “American paradise” :joy::ok_hand:

I stated my peace, and I’m moving on now… I suggest you all do them same… let’s get back on topic now please…


I’m not defending anyone btw. However, you are talking about the Army as a whole here it seems. Can you prove the men in the video actually done what you claim the entire Army does?? Yes, there are some that do do that but you honestly can’t speak for every single one that’s just asinine.


I will reply to this by PM.


To get back on topic… this video never gets old :joy:


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I immediately thought of you when I saw this video :joy: His faces he makes are priceless lol





Mars looks like Catch a Predator material



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Part 2/19

24 minutes long

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I can relate


@AGENT4T7 another funny one :laughing: