Funny Pictures/Video Thread


Haha that guys something else lol I’ll have to check out his channel and see if he got anymore. :laughing:




Props to the kid but I don’t get it


Me neither, maybe it’s that i is only 11 years old, but i don’t understand the invented part, sounds like he build a PC.


what do you mean you don’t get it? the kid’s a bloody genius, he invented a computer!!

that kid has a bright future. he could go to MiT one day


But this is the funny pictures thread :thinking:


I know I am probably killing this joke from over thinking.

My bad.

So the gag is they said “invent” instead of “build”

making it seem like he invented this whole new piece of tech.


The joke is that the reporter doesn’t understand the concept of building a PC.

Man visits IKEA, invents a new chair.


This gotta be my favorite sticker book page in this year’s Steam Summer Sale:


Yeah boiiiiiiiiiiiiiii




47 is not even bald, he just has a shaved head.



Just look at his face. He looks like he’s in his twenties or something in this picture. He probably haven’t got bald yet.



Looks like Rupert Friend 47…


Me as an assassin…



broooooooo :laughing:


Glitch I encountered while playing Marrakesh…