Funny Pictures/Video Thread


Don’t support this? REEEEEE this is my national anthem


Silly Humans


Not sure if this can be counted as “funny”, more like “wtf”.

I browse music videos of Mr Oizo and while I enjoy them I also feel a little more numb now.

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  1. Knee Deep in Printer Ink
  2. The Shores of Copy Paste
  3. Office Space
  4. Thy Cartridge Consumed





Oh my god, I’m crying with laughter. This is amazing.


Haha. Me too. I couldn’t not share this here. :joy:


LMFAO!!! :joy::joy::joy::joy:

OMG!!! I seriously haven’t laughed so hard in MONTHS!!

The kids scream and that dudes fuckin laugh!!!


This movie is so powerful, everything can be mixed with this guy laugh (imagine for example agent 47 shoot somebody to head and this guy start laughing :D:D)


Inside 47s head. psst demo in the works :wink:

LMAO just found this :laughing:


Welp, there’s a whole week of nightmares right there.


@Thales_Kruger @YourGudBudNel
Lenny Stole 47’s Spaghetti



Donald Trump jokes are so 2016


He’s rarely funny anymore now that he’s dangerous, but defacing his walk of fame star after some fangirl spent ages cleaning it is pretty damn funny




Come on… We’ve all wanted to try this