Funny Pictures/Video Thread


I’ll never look at markiplier the same way again


Need more blue


“Welcome to Gamestop”



Top kek


Stop spreading violence against journalists! :joy:


That “kek” shit is really fuckin’ embarrassing. Especially when this stuff happens:


I heard the guy that made that gif, got in allot of trouble with cnn :joy:


Was another gif, I guess this is just an additional parody of the whole matter.


Who the fuck wants their burger description to be he’ll be jizzing all over your face?! I want that.


I believe ‘kek’ doesn’t refer to ‘Kekistan’ or anything, but is just another way of saying ‘lol’.


I figured this was all just under handed white supremacy. And I wasn’t too far off.


It once was lol, then lulz, then lel, then kek, and then some made a cult out of it. It is not about racism, just about teenagers trying to be as edgy as possible.


Oh, okay. For a moment I forgot the majority audience here.

It’s not about racism. Kek on


Top kek


Tops Kek.


How about we all calm down before the accessibility of this thread gets hurt? :slight_smile:


Damn, you literally beat me to linking that by a few seconds.

On the note of thinly veiled racism being dressed up as “jokes” to make it more appealing/palatable, apparently the new term for “White Genocide” is “The Great Replacement”.

Kek indeed.


Here we go…


kek! kek! kek! kek! kek!

I didn’t know that-"the great replacement"
Thanks for sharing that bit of info.

AKA Wakanda/Quinn stop making me feel bad for my choice of humor

@Urben Well it was the Southern Poverty Law Center sooo…

Kek! Kek! Kek!