Funny Pictures/Video Thread


LMAO :laughing:

i just love it when he says: ‘mate, stop touching my trousers’

Cop: Why? What’s in there?

Guy: My leg, what else is in there :laughing:


hahaha. Munga is fucking great.




Girl: ‘I like BIG things…’ ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

47: …

47: u LiKE DAt BaBY?


Some funny IT pics



maybe even kick my dick a couple of times


Should we add “NSFW” in the name of the thread? Lol


this game never ceases to amaze :open_mouth:


I’m gonna have to replay Black Mesa once Xen releases in December…


@borek921 you can play the xen levels via an unofficial ‘xen improved’ mod on the steam workshop :smiley:

btw found this


One will protect you the remaining 3 will try to kill you. Choose wisely.


Don’t know about Rocco’s sister, but @mungadungalis got breached wide open. :wink:




47’s guest appearance (it seems he escaped his funeral with an SA rank) in the second season of “Preacher”.

Hohohohohohohohhahahahahahhihihih yep bad joke. :wink:



Gotta give him credit for this display of self irony.


Eh, nah. He can fuck off. He was happy enough to knowingly lie to the American public for months on end at the behest of his boss. He’s not suddenly a good person now because he can act meta about it.


Life comes at you fast



I didn’t call him a good person. I’m 100% onboard with your views on Trump and his administration. That said, I still think he deserves a bit of credit for going to Hollywood and playing along. Not many people in political world are capable of that kind of self irony. He is kind of admitting that he was full of shit.