Funny Pictures/Video Thread


Yeah I know you didn’t, sorry if that came off as overly aggressive. I was just having a rant about this in another thread - But it’s not a huge deviation from the norm, a lot of pretty nasty ex-Gov people go on to have similar public rehabilitations which I find kind of weird.


I´ve changed my mind about trump when I actually watched what he said and not what was reported.
But I don´t want to start a political discussion here :smiley:


What he says = what is reported. Same load of bollocks, with a megaphone in front of it.


Poor sweet summer child @Scourged



You could say I was:


omg the guy with the iphone needs to learn how to take a screenshot


Its ok, someone filmed it too <3



Why is this even in the funny video thread.


OMG! This would be HILARIOUS if someone could put a copy of Absolution in the records place


May a thousand hammer unlocks be in your future.





Nah, don’t get me wrong, I personally liked Abs. I mean truth be told, it is my least favorite out of the series, but I still enjoyed it nonetheless! I just said that because (not all) but the majority of Hitman fans believe Abs to be the weakest link

you know you love me, Kool Aid! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Take a wild guess. The answer may SHOCK YOU


LMFAO right back at ya!



I guess because no one reads the general news thread, Quinn is desperate for an audience, and this is the next best off topic thread.


Shut up.



lock of the week