Funny Pictures/Video Thread


racial slur


What the actual fuck


I assume it is not a photo of yours due to the link below… I wanted to see wether that was real or just yet another PSN mother fucker physher shit. Been flooding on those lately. PSN accounts named like NicoleFox3 without any throphies or profile picture just randomly sending you greetings and fake links to camgirls. I have a friend who enjoys pretending to be a 13 year old to have them tracked and suspended. Particularly funny, but will not post screenshots of his PSN name without authorization.



I can read arabic and confirm
since the bottom line is written backwards with no spaces, it’s kind of hard to understand
But what I believe it’s saying is : ‘‘We are waiting for the USA to destroy itself under it’s own selfishness or something like that’’


The quality of memes impress me again and again. I would have just put a random arabic wikipedia line in there.


If you haven’t already read about it online or heard during the talk show circuit, during the filming of the new Bladerunner, Ford accidentally punches Gosling for real during one of the takes. A pic of the immediate aftermath and facial expressions has gone up. And it’s PRICELESS!


redacted for being not tasteful


I think it’s a matter of “too soon” rather than “too far” at this point. You should probably remove this before someone less forgiving does.


Lol you’re probably right. I guess the standards of “soon” range on the internet. You should see 4chan…literally hundreds of Vegas-memes making the rounds over there.


Watching people on facebook laugh at content I saw days earlier on imgur

every damn day…



What is it even that Trump is handing out?


Looks like he’s throwing kitchen towels at people…


Don’t blame him, the T-shirt cannon jammed.



Look at that follow through in the wrist.

Ya’ll sleeping on Trump he got the pull up J.




for context :