Funny Pictures/Video Thread


Most Dramatic scene of all time



Amen :pray:


That moment when a pigeon is smarter than a guy that writes Polygon reviews and articles.


It took me longer than expected to try not to make sense of it.


I’m still amazed how that got blow out of proportion so quickly.


I still have no idea what the hell this means @YourGudBudNel. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It’s just drunken gibberish nonsense to me. Over my head I guess. :smirk:


Just a meme which questions you, when you see a lady in your bed, laying in an erotic posture, what will you do?

The dude in the comment replied “Respect the shit outta her” lel


Not before eating a glass, buying money and is 27 about to turn 18 some months ago.

I kinda felt offended reading it.



Start at ‘‘wait’’. 3rd line


It is making fun of that fact that you are not really reading the words but instead looking at the sexy woman.
Which is why the last words are always some form of “what would you do?”

So the joke is basically these are “Would you fuck?” memes Nonsense sentences but the intent is made clear by the picture of the woman.


Recently discovered this brilliant movie
Don’t recommend watching this sober


Looks like a load of shit


It’s one of those classic “turn your brain off to really enjoy it” loads of shit. Its funny because of how bad it is.


What does kappa mean? I see it everywhere on hmf



2 0 C h a r a c t e r s


That’s the point, some movies are so bad that are more amusing than most comedies
and some movies are soo bad that they finally became legends, like for example "the room"
Even James Franco are making movie abot this cult classic flick


That movie is gonna own