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@Supernova Why didn’t you transelate it for us? Not everyone here can Spanish, i’m one of them, i used google transelate, hope it’s readable :flushed::

Between closed access and repression, the opposition was prevented from reaching AN(Caracas, Venezuela EFE.) - The National Guard of Venezuela today dissolved with tear gas and rubber pellets a manifestation of dozens of opponents who tried to march to the Parliament in support of the removal of the judges of the Supreme.

National Assembly President (AN, Parliament), Julio Borges, told reporters from the march that the government has prevented most of the deputies from arriving in the capital to participate in the parliamentary session, which was scheduled for the 14.30 local time.

He also accused the government of President Nicolás Maduro of trying to prevent “repression” of the AN holding the session against Supreme Court Justices (TSJ) who, in his opinion, took a “coup d’état” by stripping the Chamber Of its functions in a sentence, to which it then suppressed certain sections.

“Here, in the Avenida Libertador (eastern Caracas) we have just peppered gas, we are now withdrawing, but the idea is to insist again to pass,” said the head of the House.

Efe found that the Bolivarian National Police (PNB) sprayed pepper spray on the deputies who were there, as well as the two-time candidate for the presidency of Venezuela, Henrique Capriles; The opposition leader María Corina Machado, and Lilian Tintori, wife of the imprisoned opponent Leopoldo López, among others.
Parliamentarian Miguel Pizarro criticized that the authorities continue to “repress and persecute the people” and pointed out that he, in the company of other deputies, has tried to “mediate” and “talk” with the officials, but they have not had positive answers on the part from the police.

“The response has been the same: pepper spray to the face,” he said.

According to Pizarro, officials say they have “superior orders” not to let anyone pass, so he called on the protesters “resistance.”

“Here we are the leaders giving the example,” he said from Libertador Avenue that connects the east with the center of Caracas.

The authorities did not let the opponents pass towards the center of the city where the Federal Legislative Palace is located, although they were deployed in several directions and searched all the ways to reach their destination.


1- news of my country are rarely translated for readons beyond my comprehension. Probably because no one cares, or the official sources lie, or whatever. So I would not have been able to provide a source on your languages.
2- it is/was updating live. So there would always be more for me to translate. And I actually did not want to, nor did I have time. I’m working for my family.
3- as you said, you have tools to do the translation with a certain ammount of autonomy.
4- the translation you did was good, but there are a hell of a lot of more updates you should read. It was a nasty protest but I think the military used unnecesssary force despite proof that several protestors got a bit savage, but that’s what you do as a citizen when you’re being thrown stones, bottles, tear gas, being shot water cannons, riot shields and pellets… i’m surprised so few were injuried.



I already know Anjem Chouldry is British and had to point that out to you twice now. Or do you just decide to ignore half of my replies?

You wrote this. I didn’t force you, just grabbed the whole quote, you wrote independently as a response. If you decided to bring this up, you assumed that I somehow hate middle eastern heritage as part of British life and clearly you are happy to embrace it if you are deciding to use it as an argument. I didn’t write it. You. Did.

It’s a simple yes or no question when it comes to this. I’m a definite no when it comes to people forcing Middle Eastern barbaric ways into UK life. Sorry I respect women and freedom of life.

And your “insult” is calling me patriotic? I’m fine with that lol

As I’ve said, you have the right to say nearly anything. However there are things you still cannot say despite the freedom of speech hence why you can get charged for threats and verbal abuse still. There are still hate speech laws in place but are mainly focused around racial issues. Chouldry is focused around religion where it is a grey area. He hops around the context during interviews without sounding too extremist while the obvious intentions are there. He never condemns the murders of innocents in UK.

And that’s how he got to stay out so long as you said. And it is a huge injustice as the murder of Lee Rigby was indirectly done by a well known accomplice of Anjem and his group, and many others who have left and come back from Syria have been radicalised by him. The obvious link is there and they had evidence (hence the charge) yet 6 years for many deaths is injustice. But of course you find thousands of deaths funny right.

Where did you get this information? Got a link? I’ve yet to see a column saying they spoke to him.

Why doesn’t this apply to the chavs? I know their mindstate are dole office and weed, but they could have thought to attack anyone who seemed “weak and defenceless” for the sake of it. And low and behold the kid was the unlucky person they thought to pounce on. Scummers like that tend to attack anyone while they’re in large groups and think they can get away with it.

I’m not saying the chavs attack should be classed as a terrorist attack, just that the racial involvement seemed to be called upon when it seems to be against white people. The France migrant riots how hurt a lot of people. The migrant rapes and abuse to born and bread people. Why isn’t that ever called hate crime?

Once again you fail to see the point. Where did you come to such a stupid conclusion? I’m saying your reactions to the news headlines are, to me at least, not proportionate. Your blasé about people dying but really “passionate” over a beatdown.

I want more police in a high terror area, especially at key locations to be able to defend themselves without waking up one day and getting killed. What’s wrong with that? Already said this, if that policeman had a weapon/taser. He may still be here. How can you scream about anxiety and crap when it’s people trained with the tools they are using? You’re scared of weapons? You’re scared of police?

It’s not like asking for America where everyone’s and their cat can be armed. Who on earth thought it would be a good idea to guard a key building without weapons these days? Oh right…

And the reason the terror level doesn’t barely move is so Theresa May can put the fake brave solidarity face on and sing kumbayah holding hands with Britain this and Britain that. Strong, safe more buzzwords. Words don’t stop guns or bombs my dear.

Dickhead causes terror, people die, May should admit to security fault (policeman with no weapon). Use better resources (bring out more armed police), move on. Done. The smaller the threat window the better.

And you’re saying them things. You’ve assumed (as usual) and accused me of many things too but I’m not going to cry about it and just provide counter evidence.

Truly a great shame. What I say is not to offend anyone nor appease anyone. Responses is totally on reader’s part.


Sadiq Khan, the mayor that people are petitioning to remove. The guy who is not opposed to Sharia Law in London. I don’t trust him as far as I can throw, he cares more about hiding advertisements of women on the tube.

Jeremy Corbyn, he’s quite a joke for Labour at the moment.

Disclaimer (lol): This is not to take away anything the said in their statements.

Thank you. Finally an article stating that talking bit. I’ll look for a few more to confirm it but at least this is written now. did more in that link than many in posts :slight_smile: Thanks.

Also read up on the 34 year old pregnant woman in the article. Truly disgusting.


Look, i’m just going to quote you verbatim and explain the problem because you still don’t seem to get it. Earlier you said the following - Emphasis mine.

In the same sentence you have claimed that:

  • Hate crimes are only considered hate crimes when British people are the perpetrators/suspects.
  • Anejm Choudhary was not charged with committing hate crimes, and that represents a double standard.

So, in the same sentence you have directly contradicted yourself. As we know, Choudhary is British. So either you don’t see him as being “truly” British because of his skin colour/heritage/religion or you are being ideologically inconsistent. This argument reeks, sorry.

Look, Anjem Choudhary is a hateful, bigoted piece of shit. That’s not a controversial point of view, most of the country agrees. But please don’t start using that fact as a launching pad for your own kind of prejudice or as a backlash against an imagined “PC culture”. That’s both wrong and pointless.

It wasn’t an insult. And I didn’t call you patriotic. If anything your cookie cutter talking points come across as more nationalistic.

I don’t disagree with any of this, apart from the fact hate crimes are always concerning racism. They’re also religious, sexist and homophobic. In fact, the murder of Sophie Lancaster even started public debate as to whether attacks against subcultures (such as goths) can be considered hate crimes and some police forces have even agreed. See here:

Comments like this make me want to not even bother replying to you.

Because if you read almost any of the reporting done around the crime, you’ll see it was very clearly a hate crime. @ingrobny linked some of the articles above.

Also, “chav” stereotypes about weed, beer, perpetual unemployment and dole offices are very classist. If you want to talk about “racism against whites” or whatever, it’ll be a good thing to drop this classist rhetoric because that perpetuates harmful stigmas against working class and poor white people. Practice what you preach, yeah?

To be honest I don’t have time to reply to all of this right now, I’ll do the rest later.


Steve Bannon lost his seat on the National Security Council.


Not a bad move if you ask me.


“The aide said Mr Bannon was only given a seat on the NSC to keep an eye on National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, who was fired in February.”

So, it looks like he wasn’t needed anymore since there wasn’t any to keep an eye on, what this is saying about Trump and trust to his staff is another story :flushed:.


When it comes to staff, Trump is more coldblooded than 47 towards his targets.
If he doesn’t like/suspects you --> immediately fired. Same here with Steve.


This is such a poor excuse. If your hand picked National Security Advisor is so untrustworthy that you need to “keep an eye on him”, why appoint him in the first place? Way to instill confidence in the public that you know what you are doing - Having to send the White Nationalist to babysit thr Traitor. smh.


Replying to the rest now.

The boy was with two friends late on Friday night at a bus stop in Croydon when he was approached by a group of about eight people, who demanded to know where he was from. After saying he was seeking asylum, the gang chased and attacked him.

So there we go, hopefully now you’ll stop being so stubborn and actually believe it.

This has pretty much already been ruled out, given that the Police have already investigated it as a hate crime and charged people with racially aggravated assault. Trying to downplay the racial aspect at this point just makes you look as though you are either trying to make excuses for the assailants or are simply in denial that racism and hatred of refugees is alive and well in this country.

Or are you going to second guess the police who have investigated the case? Are you saying they are wrong and you are right? What insight do you have that they don’t? It’s not like they are the ones who have access to the evidence and witnesses, is it? Jeez. And you haven’t even read ANY of the articles on this, or you wouldn’t be asking me the most basic of questions.

[quote=“GTAJJ, post:233, topic:15464”]
I’m not saying the chavs attack should be classed as a terrorist attack, just that the racial involvement seemed to be called upon when it seems to be against white people. [/quote]

…Because when a gang of white British people attack an asylum seeker because of his ethnic background, that’s the archetypal definition of racially aggravated assault.

God, do people in your personal life have to spell shit out for you like this? That must be exhausting for them.

Oh, I don’t know… Maybe statements like this?

Once again you try to trivialize the extremely serious assault on a 17 year old asylum seeker by calling it just a “beatdown” rather than the RACIALLY AGGRAVATED HATE CRIME THAT IT DEFINITELY IS.

Here’s a helpful list of all police officers in the UK killed whilst on duty:

27 officers in 17 years died on duty. And some of these were accidents, heart attacks whilst chasing suspects, etc. That’s not to say officers should not be equipped to defend themselves, but it absolutely does not suggest that guns should be routinely carried by police, nor does it warrant putting armed counter terrorist police on every street corner in London.

Once again you are choosing to second guess the actual authorities who have acces to all of the information, have chosen NOT to raise the terror threat level or to make any changes to their procedures or protocols. The police response to the Westminster attack was very good - But no, invite GTAJJ over to become the De Facto Met Police Commissioner because he clearly knows his shit.

Long, drawn out, exasperated sigh…

Then let’s just put a curfew and impose martial law, then. Nobody will die, because nobody will be allowed outside. The smaller the threat window the better, right? You have no idea what you are suggesting. It is impossible to be risk free AND keep our civil liberties. Most of us are willing to accept a small amount of risk for the sake of living in a free, open and tolerant society. You should try living in a more authoritarian country for a while and see if you still have the same point of view after a while.


I disagree, more police and armed will not help defend terror. i just read about it here:

Armed police on the streets of London won’t stop terrorism while ordinary Muslims are labelled extremists

Policemen with machine guns can only combat the symptoms of the violent jihad. Once a terror attack has begun and innocent lives taken it is already too late. A committed terrorist can kill dozens of people before even the most rapid response team is on the scene.

Just look at the Boston marathon bombing, two bombs was set off with lots of police armed with guns as guards, if you think you will scare the terrorist with armed police from doing a terror attack, then think again, they want to die, so i don’t think more police and armed with guns will stop the terror.


So with the French election looming and debates going on, apparently some french anticapitalist candidate nobody has ever heard of utterly roasted Le Pen and Fillon at the TV debate last night.


A truly free society will always be vulnerable to terrorism.

You can only do a few things to protect yourself from lone wolf terrorism. GTAJJ’s plan or idea or desire for putting “policemen on every corner” is going to do fucking nothing about them.

The intelligence communities are the best line of defense. The only thing better is voluntary information from people that know the lone wolves’ plans and we know that sometimes doesn’t happen (Pulse nightclub shooter’s gf was assisting him, for example).


Lol.[quote=“LackofPants, post:243, topic:15464”]
A truly free society will always be vulnerable to terrorism.

Yes, a 100% ‘free’ society and 100% security is impossible.


China is going to give Finland Two Pandas:| Pretty stupid move because Pandas are expensive:|


Dont worry, If they are made in China they’d prolly be pretty cheap.


Okay that was best thing today for me;D Thanks Man:)


And here we go:


But I thought Hillary Clinton was the “warhawk”—now I see Trump launching missiles. What will his supporters think now?


His supporters on The_Donald are calling it a false flag. Seriously.